Yoruba Men Vs Igbo Men VS South-South Men – Dokun Olumofin


Yoruba Men Vs Igbo Men VS South-South Men – Dokun Olumofin

The yoruba demon, speaker and online personality weighed in on men from Southern Nigeria. Read and tell us what you think.

My articles are not directed at any specific individuals nor intended to be offensive but just an enlightenment write up to spice up the polity as well as for social media users, cultural pundits to analyze. The Igbo man is a majority in Nigeria, also a force to reckon with in all ramifications. The South-South Man though a minority, is also a very strong force to align with in terms of natural resources which we all tap into especially with the recent administration of good luck Jonathan.
The Yoruba man, without a doubt is a major driving force in the educated and enlightened Nigerian community, the business world and of course their leadership qualities.

Now, let me compare the 3 and share their strengths and weaknesses.
South-South Man (Rivers, Bayelsa, Edo, Cross River, AkwaIbom, and Delta)

The typical south south man is an alcoholic, they drink hot brandy like they are sipping ragolis bottled water. They can be very laid back, introverted in other words yet they are passionate womanizers. if you want to get a contract from a Rivers or Bayelsa or any southern southern state man for that matter, when you secure an appointment, be sure to have a pretty and captivating lady take the lead & i can assure you that the contract is yours. This is not to say they don’t have good qualities, they can be very sophisticated with an intense sense of style whilst making good husbands but they will deal with a woman or even a man who crosses their path. The South South Man loves the good life, they own some of the best properties abroad and in the Country. Their men are also have the best Lawyers and Doctors in Nigeria.

The Igbo man are like jews in Africa, they are cats with 9 lives, throw an Igbo man in a dark jungle he will come back with diamonds, an Igbo man can also sell his only daughter for money (This is a parable, don’t pill my skin) their love for money knows no limits. They have handsome men,mostly light skinned in complexion. They make good soldiers; you don’t want an Igbo man to lead an army against you. They also make good scholars, intellectuals, some of the best professors in the world are Igbo. The Igbo man will buy his wife expensive jewellery 10 times more valuable than that of his mistress, they dont joke with their wives. An Igbo man will have 12 children with one woman, they must exploit thier dowry to the fulliest. The Igbo tribe loves to marry thier women, the few that marry Yorubas, or other tribes do so out of independence from their parents as a typical Igbo parent will not allow you marry outside the tribe, only if diluted himself (Maybe have Igbo or Yoruba blood). They also believe in the power of language, speaking thier native language to them is a key to thier heart, you will go a long way with language power ( He will give you a product at a discounted price if you speak his language) . Lastly, if you owe an Igbo man money, he will hunt you to the after-life and trust me, you will pay him that money.

The Yoruba man makes the worst husbands in Nigeria. Give a yoruba man money and he will dump his wife of 10 years and bring a light-skinned 21-year-old mistress home. They love women & are mostly happy to marry any tribe, not so opinionated about intercultural marriages.
Naturally arrogant, they look down on other tribes. Lets not forget good qualities; they are very educated, business minded, scholars, they make good baby daddies but not partners, they are also the best in raising daughters, you hardly find a decent yoruba mans daughter engaging in disgraceful activities. They can be spendthrift and sometimes not prudent however some are good investors like the typical ijebu man. A yoruba man is very likely to acquire a benz to please the society and have an empty account balance. The typical yoruba man loves fresh light skinned women, hence why many marry Igbo ladies or foreigners. They known to be verbally abusive to women, not all but a large number. You cannot insult a Yoruba man without verbal retaliation, they are gossips. You don’t want a Yoruba man to know negative things about you, he surely will use it against you and spread the negativity across the globe.



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