World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury rejects $120m fight with Klitscko


Tyson-fury-504x288World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has told BBC’s Mike Costello that he had rejected two lucrative offers from the Middle East – Dubai and Qatar – to meet Wladimir Klitschko over there.

One of them involved the owner of a super yacht. He wanted to stage the fight in front of 120 friends, who would each pay $1m for the privilege.

There would be no television cameras, no radio commentators and no website or newspaper reporters present, just the two fighters, their support teams and the 120 spectators.

Fury also said he is still not decided if he will fight Klitschko again and could quit boxing.

Fury upset Klitschko to claim the WBA, IBF and WBO titles in November and is due to take on the Ukrainian in a rematch in May or June.

But the Briton, 27, told BBC Radio 5 live: “I’m struggling to get motivated.


“I could walk away. I could just sail into the sunset unbeaten with all the belts and live a normal life.”

He added: “All that I would be boxing for is money and I always thought to myself I never want to let sport become about money.”

Fury said he wants to spend a lot of time with his young family and is not interested in securing a legacy or winning more belts.

“I’ve accomplished a dream,” he said. “It’s about how much motivation I have to keep going on.

“There is life after boxing and I don’t know what I’m going to do at the moment. I haven’t even cemented I am going to fight in a rematch.”

Fury revealed he had not returned to training in the ring yet, although he said he had been jogging and lifting weights.

Klitschko had not been beaten since 2004 and his second reign as champion included 19 successful defences. The 39-year-old took up his option of a rematch in December.

Fury says his shock victory in Dusseldorf, Germany will be the most significant of his career, no matter what he goes on to achieve.

“If I win another 50 fights, it’s not going to mean as much,” he said.

“I believe I’ll be frozen in 2015 for the next 40 years, or however long I live for. Nothing’s going to outdo that achievement.”

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Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

I’ll better advice him to walk away and live a better and normal life like others have been living. Be who you wanna be, no stress…

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

That’s crious…! just follow ur mind Mr man

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

Money speaking… Imagine how rich men re spending money just to watch boxing en football.. Nawa oo dey wanted to pay 1m each.
Bless me too Ya Allah


Atleast he has try his best