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Woman who helped her Nigerian boyfriend avoid deportation, devastated after being cheated on


Woman who helped her Nigerian boyfriend avoid deportation, devastated after being cheated on

Woman who helped her Nigerian boyfriend avoid deportation, devastated after being cheated on

Beth Coombs, 25, from Southsea, met personal trainer Chris Chikadibia Esionwu, 29, on Tinder. When he faced deportation she spent a fortune driving to see him in a detention centre 100 miles away and said she gave him whatever money she had to spare.

But when he started acting weirdly around her and refused to let her put anything about him on Facebook she became suspicious. It was then she noticed a girl was liking all his pictures on the site and when she contacted her she revealed Chris had been having a relationship with her at the same time.

“My heart snapped in two,” Beth recalled. “After all I’d done for him! I was furious. I kicked him out then and there.” She explained: “He told me he had a student visa and was completely free to live in the UK.

I believed him and was sure it was just a mix-up.” Terrified he’d be deported, Beth told how she would drive to visit her boyfriend after work. She admitted: “While the Home Office was investigating, the one thing Chris really needed was money.

I took him whatever cash I had spare, which was about £150, for him to buy odd bits and bobs in the detention centre. There wasn’t much left once I’d paid my rent and filled up my car with tank after tank of petrol for the journey.”

Months later lawyers ruled it wasn’t safe for Chris to return to Nigeria. When Beth confronted him she said Chris claimed he’d kept the affair secret because he felt “guilty” that she’d done so much for him. Beth admitted: “Losing Chris was hard, but I’m glad I discovered the truth.”

When contacted, Chris said: “Beth insisted on coming to see me when I was having trouble. It was my money she brought. I never wanted her help, I just wanted my box of belongings. I met the other girl before I met Beth and I liked spending time with her.

Yes I met her while I was seeing Beth but my relationship with Beth wasn’t defined. I can count the number of times I slept with her. It’s not a crime to fall out of love with someone and end a relationship.”

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