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I Will Always Remain Dark Skinned and Plus Size – Uche Jombo


I Will Always Remain Dark Skinned and Plus Size – Uche Jombo

I Will Always Remain Dark Skinned and Plus Size – Uche Jombo

It is no news that Uche Jombo Rodriguez covered the June edition of the House of Maliq magazine. One of the talking points about the magazine is her choice of attire, which many people commended as being classic and very fitting. However, this may not be the talking point for many of us, because there are many things to reflect on from the interview she granted the magazine. The most audacious one is when she revealed how they broke the jinx of bleaching in the industry, and that slim or trim fit is never her thing and nobody should box her into all that.

When asked whether she has always dreamt of being an actress, Uche Jombo Rodriguez was very honest with the reporter, and this is the angle I applaud her. Her answer was,

“I wish I was one of those people that would say that they have always wanted to be an actress, but that was not the case with me. I am not one of those people that did not really know what I wanted to do in life. I would say my case was a typical example of opportunity meets favor and also being at the right place at the right time. I went to deliver something for somebody around a place where an audition was taking place. I was mistaken for an actor and I was given a script to read. I read it and I was chosen but I was not paid a dime for the job”.

However, many people think she goofed in some areas, especially in answering the question about how motherhood has been and what she felt when she was first handed her child. If I know this as a young man, why wouldn’t a grown woman like her know that children always come with fair skin, only to get tanned as they grow? About what she felt when she first saw her baby, this is her response.

“It is an awesome experience. Nobody prepared me for the kind of love and affection I would have for my child. When I first saw my child, I thought he was switched at birth because he was too fair. When they first gave me my child, I looked at him and I was dazed because he was literally white. I wondered whether they had switched my child when my husband was not around, but the nurse that was nearby seemed to have read my mind and she told me not to worry that my child would still turn dark after some days. They tell you about the love but nothing really prepares you for it, it is very overwhelming.”

I Will Always Remain Dark Skinned and Plus Size – Uche Jombo

When asked about whether she has ever considered bleaching, she has this to say,

“No I have never considered such. I can never do such because I know how hard I fought to be where I am with my skin color. Do you know how hard it was for dark skinned actresses to play lead role during the early stages of Nollywood? Then when we have now started playing lead role, I would go and bleach? That is like slapping the faces of people who gave me that opportunity. Back then it was very rare and difficult for dark skinned ladies to play lead roles, and it is wrong because it is misdirecting the younger ones. I can never bleach my skin. So it was tougher for a dark skinned person to bag a lead role? Initially in the beginning it was. I think Genevieve and Uche Osotule broke that jinx. At that time, that was the norm in Nollywood. They just preferred light skinned people but with time it was no longer about your skin color but what you can put on the table. Before if you were fair in complexion, even if you cannot act, the role would be given to you and that is why I said that Nollywood is a revolving industry.”

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Mr Talkless

Interesting….! thanks God nollywood has move away from such Barbaric act…

Black are always the Strongest, prettiest en best.

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Mr Talkless

Lol, so funny she had a doubt on her child.


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