Wheelchair User Burst Into Tears As He Ties The Knot With The Lady He Had The Accident With


Wheelchair User Burst Into Tears As He Ties The Knot With The Lady He Had The Accident With

A Nigerian man who has been identified as Joshua has shared his amazing love story and we are so loving it. According to the him, he met his wife, Sozo, in September 2015 through his cousin but he didn’t like her because she didn’t really have the physical features he wanted in his dream girl. ‘She looked annoying, had a little bow leg and looked too serious,’ he said. They, however, became friends and Joshua eventually got to find out that Sozo was very intelligent and had an adorable personality. Few months down the line, they started a serious romantic relationship. They decided to take a trip to Jos in October 2016 to see Sozo’s mom who at the time was in the hospital battling breast cancer (she died later). Joshua took Sozo by surprise when he popped the big question in front of her mom and she said ‘YES’ to spending forever with him.


The unexpected happened when they got involved in an accident on their way back from Jos. Sozo sustained major injuries to her hip which left her in the hospital for three months and Joshua unfortunately had a spinal cord injury which confined him to a wheelchair. His fiancée now wife came to see him immediately she got out of the hospital and since then she has stood by him. She fulfilled her promise of spending the rest of her life with him last weekend when they tied the knot. Joshua who could not hold back his tears of joy gave an advice that every person contemplating marriage should ponder on. He said “don’t make Beauty the priority for choosing a spouse, what will happen if the person is involved in an Accident and the beauty is taken away?”

Do you think Sozo had a choice in all of this? We will like to hear what you think in the comment box.

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