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MENSTRUAL CYCLE is the periodic sequence of events in sexually mature non pregnant women by which an egg cell (ovum) is released from the ovary at four weekly intervals until the change of life.

In each menstrual cycle, nature has made it possible for sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone, make the
surface of the wall of the womb to grow thicker and produce more blood vessels
in the form of nest called ENDOMETRIUM; in readiness for the implantation of a fertilized egg.
If fertilization of the egg does not occur, there is no pregnancy. This prepared lining is shed from the uterus or begins to break down and then leaves the body as monthly bleeding called menstruation.
The hypothalamus is the ultimate controller of these events and even thus part of the brain is affected by
emotions and upsets. This is demonstrated by the fact that menstruation may not be seen after a particularly strong emotional upset, for example, if a lady leaves home, changes occupation, changes environment or if she is disappointed by the boyfriend, “how did he know, you may ask?
The Length of time during which menstruation ceases is variable and the periods usually returns after two or three months; but in some ladies the absence of the periods, which is called amenorrhoea, may last for more than a year.
This condition in a woman should be carefully investigated to know the reason, underlying disease which may cause amenorrhoea. It is also interesting to know that the cause is not usually a disease, and the use of certain drugs can restore menstruation if it is considered desirable. Please note that if there is no underlying disease, the absence of menstruation is of no importance.
Contrary to a popular myth, menstruation does not clean the body and its absence does not mean that
dangerous substances are dammed up within the uterus.
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Jane, a young girl said “my mother was the first person who taught me about menstruationˮ, so in view of this young girl’s statement most girls learn about menstruation from their mother.
However, it is also sad to note that some mothers do not have access to or do not give their daughters sufficient information, while some do not talk openly about menstruation.
Some young girls have their first period before the subject is discussed at school, so they do not have the opportunity to obtain information from school classes either.
As a result of this, many girls are left worried and are left with the believe that menstruation is unpleasant or serious. During their period, these ones view menstruation as an illness and very irritating.
According to a study made in Sydney, over three quarter of the 1200 adolescent women surveyed said that if there were a safe reversible method they would prefer not to menstruate. Are you of the same opinion? Yes, you may think.
Few days (2-3 days) before menstruation starts, many women feel “off colour”. The lady may experience
symptoms like her stomach may feel swollen; headache, tiredness, irritation and she may have a pressure feeling in her pelvis. Most of these symptoms disappear at the onset of menstruation.
Menstruation may last from three to seven days, 30ml is the average amount of menstrual discharge although some women lose less and to some more. A loss of more than 80ml is said abnormal.
Usually this is accompanied by loss of blood clots. The normal occurrence of menstruation
is every 22 to 35 days, but this may vary in individuals.

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my dear……absence of menstruation doesnt min dangerouse substance are left in your uterus it could also mean your menstrual blood is accumulating within ya uterus…
if u see a young girl past puberty n she hasnt seen her period. .advise her to see a doctor in most cases there is an underlying health problem

as regards this post. ..try tackling each topic in sections not mixing it all up.
nice piece though

Lin just

My Dear,Thank you for this contribution.

I will work on that. we also accept Guest post on health talks or on other topics. Feel free to share your ideal with us.

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