Weeks after being accused of being a deadbeat dad, Rosanwo details his domestic violence experience


Weeks after being accused of being a deadbeat dad, Rosanwo details his domestic violence experience

Last year, popular political analyst, Rosanwo, was called out by his wife, for being a dead beat father only trying to use his infant son to get papers to stay in the U.K. After weeks of silence, he has decided to speak out.

Continue reading from the picture: “There are 2 many people on here who know the truth about my marriage, from @Tund3_ to @eggheader. I endured it hoping for peace but… The spouse who collects child support above what the law stipulates but states otherwise in public just because men are bad.


Or the numerous false financial claims which I have to come to know about. The whole going public was to shut me down from speaking, now I am past that. Spent the last 13 months going from police to courts.

I have never been arrested or detained for a minute, I dropped charges against the spouse to not have to do this. Yet I am falsely accused. On one of those days of my physical abuse, I did have audio recordings in the house in case I did not make it. Someone would know how I died.

Those audios will be shortly on my YouTube channel. I am back to the courts but this time I won’t be holding back. Gone me are the days I almost stepped in front of the bus to end it or dread going hom after work cos of what I was going through at home.

Where do I start from? Was it the mother in law who slapped me 18 times or the spouse who broke a bottle on me or the days I slumped at home. I realise that it would have just been Rosanwo is a nice guy if I had passed on. 1 min silence and live goes on.

Or the days when I had to call for help, Pastor to come and save me from the hands of the woman I claim to love. At the end of the day, the truth will prevail. I will no longer enable my abuser to use this space.

I don’t have a marriage but I have 2 sons, survived DV & I am still breathing. Now time to put all the numerous allegations to rest. When my sons are of age, if God does not spare me long life, they will be able to read this and the court papers. Marriages fail however one does not have to fail with it.”

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