We got only boxers, after killing GUS winner, Hector, and I made just N7,000 – Suspect


We got only boxers, after killing GUS winner, Hector, and I made just N7,000 – Suspect

The suspected killer of the Gulder Ultimate Search 2006 winner, Hector Jobateh, has said that his gang was actually contracted to rob the deceased and not to kill him.

The suspect, Ismail Adeyemi, 47, is said to be the one who pulled the trigger that killed the victim. In his confessional statement, Adeyemi said that the job of robbing Hector was actually given to one of his members he identified as KK.


According to him, the informant told KK that an important person was coming into the country from America with a huge sum of money. He said, “I met Nonso and KK while working as a labourer in Apapa.

All I was told was that a lady was the one who brought the job. On that day, we waited at a filling station very close to the airport. We followed our target the moment we sighted their vehicle.

When we got to his house, I went upstairs while KK and another member of our gang stayed downstairs. Hector’s father, on seeing us, thought we were policemen because of the way we were dressed. He demanded what we were looking for.

I was still upstairs when I heard a gunshot. I rushed downstairs only to notice that Hector’s father had been shot. He had a bullet wound on his shoulder. Hector and his brother rushed towards their father and my members feared they would be disarmed.

It was KK who eventually fired the shot that killed Hector. I grabbed hold of a briefcase and a bag. When we opened the bag, we found only a pair of shoes, boxers and flower. I took his phone.”

Adeyemi said he gave the phone to his younger brother who sold the phone for N7,000 at the Ikeja Computer Village. According to him, he gave the brother N2,000 while he pocketed N5,000. Policemen tracked Hector’s stolen phone to the Computer Village.

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