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WASSCE Results: Nigeria Needs To Train 1,000 Teachers Daily – Expert


WASSCE Results: Nigeria Needs To Train 1,000 Teachers Daily – Expert

More reactions have continued to come from Nigerians, especially stakeholders in the education sector, concerning the recent West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) where mass failure was recorded.
The president of the American University of Nigeria, Prof Margee Ensign, yesterday advocated that 1,000 teachers should be trained on a daily basis to tackle the problem.
Students’ performance in the exam nose-dived from 70% pass rate in last year’s performance to the exact opposite this year.
Ensign said that in order to tackle this mater of national importance, “Nigeria will have to literally train 1,000 teachers every day. And leaders must see to this as a priority, in order for the nation to move forward.”
She noted that the problem was partly due to Nigeria’s massive population, and said there were model countries that Nigeria could emulate. She expressed optimism that when this is done, the problem of mass failure will be a forgotten issue in Nigeria.
“Nigeria can take a cue from Latin America and some Asian countries. They were once here and had same problems, just like Nigeria, but by prioritising education, they are today where they are, and so Nigeria can use them as models,” she advised.
On his part, another educationist, Abdul Ben Youssef, attributed the poor scholarship among students of today to the distracting impact of ICT on them.
“This is particularly salient at home where internet access could be a source of distraction because of chat rooms or online games, reducing the time spent in doing homework or learning,” he said.
Youseff noted that this negative impact of ICT on learning depended on how it was used.
Another scholar, Mounir Dahmain, concurs: “This implies that the choice of what you use the device for depends entirely on you. The reality is that every student living will in this age of information have the greatest opportunity to perform well.”
To him the internet is a mobile library and dictionary, where students can research more on all subjects taught in class without visiting the conventional library.
“Many books can be bought on line and on-line subscriptions as well as scholarly materials are available for your asking. Thus, if employed for these purposes, the device has the potential to improve your knowledge base in areas related to your school work and beyond. “He added.

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Victor Ndah

I don't think the teacher's are to blame in this kind of situation, but we should try to encourage the students to sit up and concentrate on their education, ah fink this is what the student's need.


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