If He Wants Sex Daily, Give It To Him – Nigerian Female Pastor


If He Wants Sex Daily, Give It To Him – Nigerian Female Pastor

Pastor Odukoya-Ijogun, the newly ordained pastor and daughter of late Bimbo Odukoya said this in a recent interview with Ifeoma Ononye of Independentnig, while talking about her passion for God, relationships, marriages, and family.

While speaking on how most women stop dressing nicely once they get married and have a kid, she said:


“First of all once people see me they see my husband. So I must always look good.

Secondly, for my husband, you don’t know what you have until you lose it and at times, we need to look at our husband from the eye of another woman.

One time I was on Instagram and there was this lady with a thong and dancing, the video went viral and I’m sure men will definitely see it so as a wife, if that thong will make you get your man back.

Better wear it for him because the distraction out there and if you drop the ball then that’s all. Men are judged by what they see. Some women will say my body can’t do that. Don’t think like that, your husband loved that body before he married you.

Fat, big, skinny. You need to believe in what you are carrying. The man wants to feel like you’re making an effort so you have to make an effort with your husband.

When I start doing sex talk with some women, take for instance, you married a man whom you know wants sex every day, you have to give him sex every day because that’s his appetite.

So for me my advice to women is do the best you can with your husband. Once in a while leave the kids at home and go out. You need to remember those good memories, make an effort and bring him back. Women, do the best you know how to do.”

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Yae that’s only for married people…


That’s great. Women shud do everything they can to keep their man