She opened her eyes. She has been in a dream. A very long dream. And unusual. With few laughter. And plenty tears. Not one of those dreams for which people called her the dreamer. But one which she must act upon if things must not fall apart.

If it hasn’t already.

‘What a Bloody Sunday!’ She exclaimed and sought her way out of the bed.

It was on Sunday Morning.  Junior would be going to the altar for dedication. After twenty years of waiting. The rays of sunshine that penetrated into her room told her it was dawn. She needed to prepare hurriedly for service so as to witness Junior smile in prayers to his parents for coming to them at a time all hope for a child was lost.

Closing her eyes in prayers, she saw pictures of everything that transpired in her dream. Three months old Junior dying in the arms of a Priest. The blood of a beheaded stranger soiling the white tiles of the church. The kidnap of a pregnant woman and her son. The setting ablaze of a cathedral with so many members of the church burning to ashes.  All were in one dream. In one night. One night of horror. A night to remember.

That was not all.

The arrival of a detective to the church. The untold shock on the presiding pastor’s face upon his return and he met both the cathedral and his members in the ruins of ashes. The mysterious confession of a dying boy in the hospital who claimed to have an answer to the brain behind the disasters on that unholy Sunday in the dreamland.

While she mumbled her prayers, she heard many voices ringing loudly in her ears causing her prayers not to pass through her lips easily. Voice of a concerned maid, Caro, asking the childless mother to say what she knows about the death of her child. Inner voices speaking in the heart of a torn woman whose dead child opened a womb that was locked for twenty years. Asking her to tell a tale she vowed never to tell.  And then, the angry voices of the survivors crying out loud for vengeance. So determined to lay hold on that one man who engineered the calamity that visited their lives. A visitor who came unannounced to steal their beloved ones away.

It was however, the escape of the suspect from the Police cell as discovered by Detective Mabel that got her jumping from her knees.

The prayer was over.

‘I must meet Aunty Rena.’ She said. ‘She has to know about this dream before she takes Junior to the church for dedication.’


She hurried into the bathroom and had a quick shower. Rather than dressing up for the occasion, she fell into a purple gown she received as gift from her mother on her fourteenth birthday and sought her way to the door. She chose not to tell Mama where she was going. This was one dream Mama must not know about. She would certainly stop her from sharing it to who it may concern. She had done that severally in bid to save her from the trouble of sharing dreams that will certainly turn to reality if caution is not thrown to the wind.

For this case, Mama will never be privy to it.

As she tiptoed through the corridor to the living room, she thought of Mrs. Rena Zack. But why was she called Mrs. Clara Fred in her dream? Or was the dream for someone else? But no other baby was to be dedicated in Heavens’ Assembly except for Junior. It was when her eyes fell on the clock in the living room that she almost betrayed herself with a shout.

‘Jesus!’ She screamed and cupped her mouth with both hands.

It was almost noon. Why did she stay so late in bed? Can she still meet with Mrs. Rena and tell her about the dream? Untold fear gripped her.

Fear of the unknown.

‘Junior must not die.’ She broke out fearfully. ‘Never!’

That was the last word she said before she picked her slippers and ran out of the house.

Episode 2

Rena locked the door. Though she didn’t know exactly what Maria, the dreamer came for, she felt something walking in her inside. Something she could barely explain.

‘What happened today?’ Maria asked. ‘I went to the church and met nothing but disaster. Where is Junior? Where is Uncle Zack, your husband? Where is Auntie Mabel? Was Pastor Caleb in church today? What happened?’

Rena had struggled to take off the pictorial pains of the calamity that visited her household. But here was a fifteen year old girl bringing memories back to her eyes. Alive.

‘I had a terrible dream auntie.’  Maria said again.

She wasn’t surprised. She was alone in the house with a strange girl. A girl whose strangeness no one can decipher its cause.  But what help can she do when things have already fallen apart?

In Episode 2, Maria makes greater attempt to help. Rena is beginning to believe her strength. But their forces, very ready to stop the two of them.


Story by: Martins Samuel

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