Tyga reveals more on his relationship post-breakup with Kylie Jenner


Tyga reveals more on his relationship post-breakup with Kylie Jenner 

Tyga caught a flight out of LAX yesterday, and when photographers asked if he was cool with Kylie Jenner, he tried to make it seem like he was! “It’s all love, man,” he told shutterbugs with a huge smile on his face.



That’s not what we’re hearing! “Tyga’s ego is so huge, he still can’t seem to comprehend that Kylie [Jenner]’s over him. He used to brag that he could get away with anything and she’d never get over him, but clearly that’s not true. Instead of facing the facts, Tyga’s being super childish and trash talking Travis [Scott]. He makes fun of his style and calls him soft, but he’s obviously jealous that Kylie’s moved on — he can’t let go,” a source dished to Hollywood Life.


“He’s rewriting history and obsessing over Kylie cheating on him with Travis, 25. He’s convinced there was an overlap and that Travis stole his girl. At the same time he’s trying texting Kylie begging her to see him again. He still thinks he can get her back, he won’t accept that she’s moved on,” the source added.

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