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Two popular female celebrities gives birth and no one knew. See who they are.


Two popular female celebrities gives birth and no one knew. See who they are.

Two popular female celebrities gives birth and no one knew. See who they are. 


There is a lot of buzz going on about two female celebrities that no one knew was pregnant until they announced the arrival of their babies. I am not talking about semi celebs but really popular once. First is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The Popular writer and Novelist was pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. No one knew in the media. She even claims some of her friends didn’t know about it. Did she wear an invisible cloak or something? At least we knew she got pregnant in around May 2015 on like the next lady I will be talking about. Chimamanda had this to say about her pregnancy in a recent interview, ‘this is the first time I’m saying it publicly. I have a little girl. I have some friends who probably don’t know I was pregnant or that I had a baby, I just feel like we live in an age when women are supposed to perform pregnancy. We don’t expect fathers to perform fatherhood. I went into hiding. I wanted it to be as personal as possible’.

Here are peoples reaction on twitter:


Forget the fact that I am talking about Di’Ja after Chimamanda, She talks first place.  No one knew she was married and no one knew she was pregnant. Amazingly she is always in Nigeria and her Label kept mute about the situation. How did she pull this off is the question on every ones lips? I think Burna Boy can learn a thing or two from her instead of insulting bloggers. If you keep your matter private it remains private. Di’Ja revealed with a creative animation video, news of her engagement, wedding and childbirth.



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Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Wow that so beautiful both kept it a secret until it was time for it to be brought to the public. Kudos to the both of them…

Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

Exactly the point! Burna Boy has alot to learn.


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