Top Ten Reasons Why Nigerian Celebrities Marriages Crash


The recent shocking marriage crashes of a long list of celebrities including Tonto DikehLilian EsoroMercy Aigbe has brought about the need to profile the perceived reasons of the break-ups that have left fans devastated.

  • Fame

Many of our celebrities are famous to the extent that they cannot separate the fame from their everyday lives which causes jealousy, anger from their partners.

For females especially, the African culture demands that the wives should be submissive and perform her marital duties as expected.

Most of our female celebrities have being intoxicated with the power of being famous which causes an imbalance in the home.

A celebrity’s life is one that involves traveling, presence on all social media accounts, and all these need a supportive partner who will be tolerant, considerate, and lenient to achieve a balance between the home and career.

  •  Unfaithfulness or Cheating

This is one of the main reasons of collapses in celebrity marriages.

The life of a celebrity involves interaction with the other famous people and fans including the opposite sex which makes them vulnerable to being unfaithful in their marriages.

The marriages of many celebrities, both male and female crashed on the issue of cheating, infidelity accusations.

It takes a high level of trust for these spouses to believe in their partners not to fall to the temptations of greed and having more power by having an illicit relationship with someone with more wealth or beauty.

  • Unbridled Ego

Celebrities are susceptible to ego issues which arise from their perceived status in the society.

Pride, they say goes before a fall, this is almost true with every relationship.

If one or both couple have allowed their ego to take over, then there is no room for compromises and support expected from a spouse.

Everything in the home becomes a race leading to unhealthy rivalry or competition.

These celebrities should learn to curb their prideful tendencies to allow a peaceful marriage, acknowledging that their union is not an arena for bragging rights.

  •  Pressure From Family and Fans

Many Nigerian celebrities have slammed trolls who pushed them to get married, especially those who have crossed the 30-mark.

The pressure gets to some of them who rush in headlong with any available man only to have regrets moments after their usual lavish wedding.

Kim Kardashian attributed this pressure to the crash of her 72 day old marriage to Kris Humpris.

Funke Akindele was also one of those who bowed to such pressures which led to the fall of her first marriage to Kehinde Oloyede, less than a year after their lavish wedding.

  •  Pressure  to Maintain Lavish Lifestyle

The life of a celebrity is fast and furious, pushing some into fraud, con men and sexual romps with wealthy individuals in the society.

Many female celebrities have been associated with a wealthy ‘sponsor’, who showers them with money and luxurious possessions.


Some tried to keep up with their wealthy counterparts who made their money from honest career and various endorsements.

These celebrities have faced some form of bullying from fans who think they wore the wrong clothes, rode the wrong cars as per their celebrity status.

  • Measuring Up To Public Standards/Expectation

The society expects a celebrity to wear the most expensive outfits, drive expensive cars, live in exotic mansions.

Celebrities see this as a drive to quest for more which may drive a wedge in a union.

If one or the spouse cannot maintain this lavish lifestyle, then resentment creeps in leading to quarrels and an eventual crash of the marriage.

The need to keep up with an expensive trend and lifestyle can put an unhealthy strain of the marriage of these celebrities.

  • Domestic Violence

Many female celebrities are susceptible to this ugly trend of domestic violence from their men.

The victims have taken to the media to announce to the world that they have suffered some form of physical abuse from their partners.

The cause of this, though unjustified, bridles down to anger erupted through jealousy,  accusations of cheating, disagreement or a show of pride from some female celebrities.

It is saddening that the ugly menace has crept into the relationship of Nigeria’s revered celebrities.

  • Choosing The Wrong Partner

Celebrities, due to their fame easily fall prey to getting involved with the wrong partner.

Both male and female celebrities have too many admirers which makes it a herculean task to choosing the right one.

Celebs get married sometimes, just for the sake of fame, publicity, wealth and even just because of pregnancy.

All these count as a rocky start to a relationship which can lead to collapses.

  • The Rumors and Media

Rumors is closely associated with the life of a celebrity, it is definitely unavoidable.

Celebrities, as much as they enjoy the fame, have to bear the fact that their private lives is subject to being discussed and peddled on the media.

The rumors can break or make a celebrity, put a strain on marriages, have an adverse effect on the celeb’s social standing as in the case of Gifty.

For a marriage to survive the hassle of being in the public eye, it take a huge understanding and high level of trust from the partner.

  • Unnecessary Social Media Exposure

The advent of different social media platforms including but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc, has become a major support system to many celebrities.

Most celebs document their everyday life on their social media spaces, leaving them vulnerable to being carried away till it affects their personal life.

While it is not bad to share your life with fans, there should be a serious limitation on how you want to portray your home, possessions to the media.

The excesses of social media exposure has wrecked some celebs’ homes especially when the partner is not comfortable with being all over the media.

A feeling of lack of attention can also creep in when these celebrities spend their waking moments interacting with fans, at the detriment of their spouse.

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