Top 10 Leadership Lessons from Ethelbert Obinna Umeh


Ethelbert Obinna Umeh is a seasoned Nigerian Freelance writer, journalist, public speaker, Leadership and management coach.

He is the founder and Principal consultant of Blueprint Consulting, a leadership and management consulting organization with specialties in four key areas:

  • Leadership consulting
  • Sales training
  • Writing services ( blogs, articles, eBooks/ books, biographies, website contents etc)
  • Recruitment & Training

He has worked for more than 100 clients in over 40 countries of the world. He is a global brand. We are always happy to identify with his successful lifestyle.

Ethelbert participated actively at the just concluded second International Institute for Global Leadership IIGL, USA conference in Lagos Nigeria, where he was one of the speakers at the 2 days power-packed event.

Over 50 young people drawn from different parts of Nigeria benefitted immensely from his wealth of experience in the leadership world. His speeches were greeted with thunderous ovations at different times. He spoke on the theme: ‘Developing Leadership Excellence & Customer-Centric Organization’

Ethelbert is a graduate of the institute; he studied ‘Global Leadership & Human Capital Development’ he currently serves as the institution’s Vice President.

We carried out a survey about his speeches from participants at the conference, and below are top 10 leadership lessons learned from Ethelbert:


1. If you can collaborate with right minds, there is nothing you cannot achieve- walk and work with the right people.

2. Your network determines to a great extent your net worth and social influence

3. Stop telling every Dick and Harry about your dreams, work hard to actualise them



4. Leaders conquer that great enemy called ‘Procrastination’ Procrastination is a delay or lazy tactics; the more you procrastinate the lazier you become towards reaching your goals.

5. Entrepreneurship is the solution to massive youth unemployment in Africa; if you are still waiting for the government, oil companies or banks to provide jobs for you, then you will continue waiting till only God knows when.

6. Entrepreneurship is the surest way of securing your future; whether you are currently unemployed, or under-employed, start a business today. You can start small. Mock poverty by becoming an entrepreneur today. Entrepreneurs look for problems to solve- they sleep, eat, meditate, and think development through entrepreneurship.

7. Allow your business to have viable social media presence- it will quicken its growth; social media is the key to getting into the global marketplace. Virtually all businesses benefit from social media- websites, blogs, and various social media platforms are all avenues you can use to your advantage to take your business to the next level.

8. The function of a leader says John Maxwell is to develop more leaders. Thus, even if you have followers, it’s your prime responsibility to turn them into leaders. You will do this by helping them, training them, nurturing or mentoring them. However, even if you don’t want to do any of these, please don’t hurt them. Take your business to the next level of excellence by equipping your staff with the technical-know of the business. They will perform at optimal level if they are properly equipped with instrumentum laboris (working instrument).

9. If your business doesn’t have a vision, you are merely hallucinating.

10. Great leaders don’t need any title to lead, because leadership is what you are, not what you necessarily do.

Keep on inspiring lives Ethelbert!

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