Top 10 Amazing Benefits of KEDI HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS Revealed


Top 10 Amazing Benefits of KEDI HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS Revealed

During the ancient days, in order to improve their living condition, our forefathers collected food from nature and looked for refuge from the work of God. At a different stages, human being can always discover and utilize the medicinal effect of herbs and ‎plants.

What’s Yin vs YangUsually, yang is associated with energetic qualities. For example movement,

Outward and upward direction, heat, brightness, stimulation, activities and excitement are all yang qualities. Yin on the other hand, is associated with the physical form of an object and has less energetic qualities such as rest, inward and downward direction, cold, darkness, condensation, inhibition, and nourishment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes the human body has organic unity. The sense of unity is based on the opposing and complementary relationships of yin and yang. The body’s organs and tissues can be classified according to yin and yang theory based on their functions and locations. The upper body belongs to Yang while the lower body belongs to Yin. TCM believes health is achieved when Yin and Yang are in harmony.

As already mentioned, the body’s physical form belongs to yin while the body’s activities or functions belong to yang. Because both body’s physical firm and functions are dynamically balanced, they manually restrict and depend on one another. The body cannot function if it doesn’t have a physical form in which to perform them. TCM believes yin yang disharmony is the cause of disease and physiological disorders. Disharmony means the proportion of yin and yang are unequal and unbalanced. When one aspect is deficient, the other is in excess.

There are many factors that cause yin and yang disharmony, but they are all related to “evils” ‎(outside influence that causes disease) and the flow of qi through the body. When a person has normal qi flow, their body functions well and has good immunity allowing them to recover easily from illness. Hence in TCM, disease results from a deficiency of yin fluid or deficiency of yang. The conflict between resuming normal qi and balancing yin-yang principle is what allows the disease to either progress or transform back to a healthy state. By applying yin yang theory to treat and diagnose diseases, yin-yang harmony can be restored and health maintained.




*Its handy.


*It’s obtain from Herbs.


*Its natural.


*It’s replace lost nutrients.


*it’s promote good health.


*it’s good for men and women.


*it’s good for elderly people.


*it’s good for mothers and children.


*it’s strengthen the body immune system.


*it’s has no side effects to the body.




* Because the human body requires a wide variety of nutrients to be at its healthy best.


* Because many diets do not provide the density and diversity of nutrients needed to assure optimal health and energy.


*Because more than food processing strips important nutrients and true mineral from packaged food which are increasingly the staple of our busy lifestyle diets.

* Because nutrients can become depleted by physical or emotional stress and must be replenished.


*Because some substances which are critical for normal physiological function cannot be manufactured by the body and may be deficient in the diet. They are essential for our optimal health.

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