Toke Makinwa reveals she cried on her first date after her divorce.


Popular OAP Toke Makinwa revealed that she has started dating after her husband cheated on her and they got divorced. She revealed she cried on her way home after their first date because she never pictured herself with another man. She revealed in the interview that she is now handling the challenge a lot better now.


Read more from her interview with Fame Extra magazine:

On the designers she loves

Lately, my love for shoes are actually a problem. Lol… I love Balenciaga, Aquazzura Wild things/pompoms, Sergio Rossi, and of course Alaia Sandals too. For me I go thru phases when it comes to labels, I am a label whore, I need to stay faithful but they are so many amazing brands it’s like a kid in the candy store.

For clothing, I love me some Nigerian Brands like Nouva Couture, Toju Foyeh, Lisa Folawiyo, April by Kunbi, Lanre Da Silva and Deola by Deola Sagoe

On her biggest fashion no-no

Oh there are so many but what irks me the most must be the wearing everything in trend. Not everything in trend fits your body frame. I love to keep up with fashion and of course everyone loves to be on top of their game and we like to have an idea of which direction the world is going but there are somethings that are in and might not necessarily be for me.

And she reveals it takes forever to get set for a red carpet event

It depends, I have a team and it takes us roughly about 3/4 hours but it is always fun times. If an event starts at 7 we start prepping at 2pm. It’s a madhouse but I am surrounded by so many talented people it is such a joy to watch.

On what body feature she wishes she has

I used to wish I was taller, I used to wish I had a bigger frame and I passed 25 and started adding some extra weight and I wished for my small frame even more. No one is perfect, we are all on a journey to love ourselves and some people get there faster than others but in the end, we realise that it keeps changing and the key is to embrace even the things that we want to change so bad.


On what she thinks of plastic surgery

Hmm… I am not against it, I feel like it’s a comfort thing, I have seen people struggle with those things that they are insecure about and once they get something done, they become different people. They are more confident, and if it rocks their boats, why not? I never judge another’s decision. Knock yourself out.

On being single again

It’s tricky! It’s exactly like learning to ride a bike again but I think I am doing very well. Laughs. Of course you get the initial stumble and fall off but the key is to accept that things are different now and that’s ok. My first date after my separation, I cried on my way home as I couldn’t believe I was back dating again, the stress and joys of getting to know someone again, the excruciating pain of the past and the will to trust another again.

On her biggest misconception about marriage

People are not honest enough! You are told to keep quiet about everything like showing a sign of ‘all is not well’ automatically means you have a bad marriage. The thing is, everyone struggles, no situation is perfect and if people walked around with a little bit of honesty about their situation, a lot of marriages might survive. Religion is also a very big problem, God is involved in Marriage and he has also blessed us with the capacity to think and make decisions for ourselves so people need to be less religious and more aware of His love…

On how she deals with controversy

I just don’t meddle too much in what is being said or how it is being analysed… I simply keep it moving. God has been so incredible in my career and before I started, he told me. “You will hold your peace and I will fight for you”. He has not failed me yet. I just pray about the situation and remind him always that as a servant looks up to his master and a maid servant to her mistress; my eyes are on him (GOD).

On the most absurd thing she ever ever read about herself

That I had a child I was hiding. It was so silly but yeah, that was funny.

On what she hates in a man

A man that talks too much… No thanks! Dirty nails too. Gross!

On how she wants to be remembered

I touched lives, I was the reason that someone, somewhere took a chance, I was a living testimony that God is real, my life is a city set on a hill and unbelievers will want to know my God after they see how I live.

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Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo
3 years ago

Sorry dear! Thank God she is over it now.

3 years ago

Sorry dear

3 years ago

At least thank God for her life now

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson
3 years ago

Hmm that’s so touching…