Tips on How to Deal with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD/STI)


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Properly conducted, sex is an enjoyable exercise. Sex is like everything around us: it too is guided by some natural and man-made rules. When these rules are flouted or when an individual is abused or his/her sex organs are somewhat tampered with or the body is mishandled, then sex becomes a problem and an infection, an unwanted dangerous outside agent may be introduced into the person’s system.
It’s not our intention to write on every sexually transmitted disease. A general guidance will be enough.

Any disease agent can become sexually transmitted so long as it affects the genitals or reproductive organs or the points used for “sex”.
The following are the common sexual disorders or agents of sexual diseases:


1. Gonorrhoea
2. Chlamydia trachomatis
3. Syphilis
4. Lyphogranuloma Inguinale
5. Chancroid
6. Less well recognised but can be considered as sexually transmitted is Staph. Aureus
7. Human Immune-Deficiency Virus (HIV)
8. Herpes simplex: Type I and Type II
9. Human Papilloma Virus
10. Hepatitis A, B and C
Trichomonas vaginalis (common in women but can be found in men too).
Otherwise called yeasts, is a common infection of the warm and moist areas of human body especially vagina. It may also affect other parts of the body such as mouth, gut, anus, and armpit. Untreated, it may be sexually transmitted to the sexual partner.
The probability of getting any of these is low provided:
1. You stick to one sexual partner
2. You are honest with your partner
3. You put your sexual organs into the partner’s correct and biologically appropriate body entry point for which it was designed.
4. You use barrier method such as condom when engaging in sex with non-regular sexual partner. Although herpes type I may be contacted from kissing as are above hepatitis viruses.
If you suspect any adverse condition developing in you, get in touch with your qualified medical doctor for immediate attention and treatment. Delay may be lethal or delay may cause damage to your internal and external organs: both reproductive and non-reproductive organs.


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Its really interesting buh for those that get involved in such. Thanks though for the information…