Tips on how to avoid being mistaken for a Badoo Member In Ikorodu



Tips on how to avoid being mistaken as one of the members of the dreaded Badoo cult group, wrecking havoc on Ikorodu and its environs.

Given the incessant attack of the badoo cult gang on Ikorodu, the residents have taken law into their hands to lynch any suspected Badoo member.

There have been cases of mistaken identity where a jungle justice treatment is unleashed on innocent people.

To avoid a case of being wrongly accused, this is a list of tips to adhere to.


1. Always Go Out With Your ID Card: Always try to be with your identity car when you are going to Ikorodu, any form of identification will suffice, an employer identity card, bank identification card, or any form of national ID card.

2. Do Not Go Around Carrying Silly hairstyle or haircut: Having an innocent look helps, stay clear of any type of weird hairstyle usually associated with the wayward.

3. Do Not Dress Indecently: Indecent dressing should be avoided, including sagging of the trousers, unnecessary cult logo on your T-shirt.

4.Do not Stay Out Late: Staying out late sends the wrong signal to vigilante groups who are going increasing suspicious of late nighters.

5. Pray Before You Go Out: Prayer is key to all problems. Each one of us is advised to pray to God for guidance and protection.

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