These 7 Nigerian Male Musicians Don’t Date Nigerian Girls, See Why (Photos)


These 7 Nigerian Male Musicians Don’t Date Nigerian Girls, See Why (Photos)

There is a new trend among Nigerian Male musicians and it involves flying out of the country to go shop for a girlfriend. The rate at which these musicians are buying into the idea makes it seem as if they are trying to tell us that Nigerian girls are not good enough?

Below are 7 Nigerian Male Musicians who don’t date Nigerian girls. Take a look at the pictures of the girls and let us know whether Nigerian girls are better than them or not.

1. Korede Bello

After getting a bank alert, Nigerian girls suddenly stopped making sense to Korede Bello. Dude is now running shows with a white girl. Yet some of our girls are still going gaga over him.

2. Ice Prince

Even with the numerous light-skinned girls we have in Nigeria, this guy still preferred Maima Nkewa, a French-Ghanaian. Perhaps, he wants our already light-skinned girls to add some bleaching cream to their skin before he can date them.

3. May D

I don’t blame May D for dating Carolina Wassmuth. If I was as black as he is, I would date a white girl too. That way, my kids won’t inherit much of my black face and burnt lips.

4. Wizkid


When we thought this dude was down with Buy Nigeria To Grow The Naira, he decided to shift his preference to US-based Guinean model, Binta Diamond Diallo. Even though we understand that his first baby mama is not light-skinned, what about Tania Omotayo?

5. Davido

The dude in the below picture decided that a Nigerian girl wont be good enough to be his baby mama number 2. That’s why he dropped his seed with Atlanta-based, Amanda. The odd that Davido’s next baby mama wont be a Nigerian girl is Over 2.5 goals.

6. Runtown

Runtown too has joined the gang. Guess who pulled him in? An American video vixen, Selena Leath. I hear they now have a baby together. Are you sure it’s not Nigerian girls that are dulling and making all these guys go foreign?

7. D’banj

Even though this post is about dating, I had to include D’banj who just got married. I remember how our girls use to almost faint while D’banj performs at concerts. Now they are all disappointed cos he ended up marrying a foreign girl called Lineo Didi Kilgrow.

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