The Scary Tale Of A Lagos Celebrity Wife


The Scary Tale Of A Lagos Celebrity WifeThe Scary Tale Of A Lagos Celebrity Wife

Many people have their definitions of marriage, and everybody is entitled to understand it as he or she wishes. However, the concept of marriage is deeply rooted in the natural affection between man and woman to come together as one. But the institutions that give marriage its standard formula are religion and tradition. Now, marriage according to religion and tradition should be between two people at any given time. Though some traditions and religions will allow a man to be in this relationship with many women, it does not allow a woman to be in it with more than one man. But that is not the case with this Yoruba actress.

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I leave in a flat in Lagos where a Yoruba actress and her husband were my neighbors. I have built some good relationship with the couple as my neighbors, so we normally share visits in the evenings after work. This is coupled with the fact that the man is a fan of Chelsea FC, so we have a huge passion in common. It happened that the actress was pregnant, and the man was so excited about the pregnancy that she was treating the wife like a queen. Then one evening, the unthinkable happened.


On that faithful evening, I came in to see the man, so that we can chat about the UEFA Champions League football match that will be happening by 8:45 PM the same evening, and possibly view the game together. But when I got into the flat, I saw the heavily pregnant wife in a mood I have not seen her before. She did not reply my greetings and was sighing and cursing all through.

When the husband came into the sitting room to receive me, we exchanged pleasantries and he sat down. When the hissing and nagging by the wife became too much to bear, the man had to say something, and this is what he said,

“Iya Bola, don’t worry na. As you no fit go the ante-natal for our pikin today, you go go tomorrow. I go confirm some money tomorrow, so you go take am go.

And to my utmost surprise, the woman replied’

“You and who get pikin? No be your pikin be this ooo, na Baba Hakeem get amoooo. No be your own.”

At first, I thought it was some high end joke playing around me. But when the man opened his mouth in response, I died and rose up again.

The man said, “Ehhh, Kosi wahala na, no problem. Shey when you born this one for Baba Hakeem finish, you go born my own for me?

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And the woman appallingly replied, “Oko mi, I go born for you na. No be pikin? I go born for you!

While this was playing out, I was pinned to my seat in surprise and couldn’t find anything to say. My main amazement was hinged on how the man accepted the situation there and then, without any qualms.

What do you make of this type of marriage in Nigeria bikonu!!!

Is this how it is done in your area………………………………………? Let Us know in the comment box below.


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Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

That’s Barbaric… ..! re dey mad or something????

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

This must be a joke, no any Yoruba man can take this unless he is not in his ryt sense.

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

This one na mogbe but me ah no go take this kind nonsense o, so me wia marry am na mumu abi…

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

Lol, I tire ooo