Terry Crews – It’s ‘Very Miraculous’ Kevin Hart Survived Car Crash


Terry Crews has revealed that his pal Kevin Hart is on the road to recovery after a terrifying car accident left him hospitalized with serious injuries, and he’s giving him space as he returns back to normal life.

The actor while speaking to US Weekly noted that it’s a miracle that Kelvin Hart is still alive as the car had no airbags.


When asked if he had spoken to him he said: “No I haven’t [spoken to him]. I haven’t. He’s kind of off the radar right now.”

He added by saying: “That car didn’t have [airbags]. It was an old car … That makes it even more miraculous.” “It was a classic car. Very, very miraculous that he survived.”

According to reports, Kevin has since successfully completed a stint in an in-patient rehab facility and has returned home.

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