Street sense=Survival sense! you won’t die if u don’t club! infact clubbing without being paid appearance fee is fraud 2 urself- ID Cabasa



Skales and Runtown are having it hot with their various record labels. I bet you they never knew it will all go sour. The raising war between Record labels and their signed artist have got people talking on social media.

One who have joined the list of concerned Nigerians is the renowned ID Cabasa. The Nigeria music producer and singer shared series of tweets advicing upcoming artistes and record labels on how to get the best out of a deal without troubles.

According to him, ‘don’t collect upfront that you can’t pay back’

Here are his tweets:

1.Sign contract like sworn enemies,work like best of friends 2.Sign thorough and honest terms. 3. don’t collect upfront dat u can’t pay back

Upfront/sign-on fees is a debt you must pay! it is not free money! its meant to generate more money! its not laulau money.

Know your size per time and spend what u EARNED not what u are expecting/borrowed. Let ur craft tell the story not ur spending.

Any investment that focus more on your outlook/cars/house than your craft/biz is not just ok! money must generate money

Money is not emotional,Biz does not carry any emotion! calculate/plan/strategize/build system around your craft=Skill


Music is emotional but Showbiz is not! Talented guys get paid from d POCKET(change) but skilled guys get paid through CHEQUES

Living in Lekki/Island is not the definition of success! If after paying the rent u go broke then its not 4 u.

Street sense=Survival sense! you won’t die if u don’t club! infact clubbing without being paid appearance fee is fraud 2 urself

Don’t market your weakness! that u re a great singer/actor doesn’t make u a great Biz man. Song don’t pay d bills d biz does

PRAYERFULLY get a team around you! And get school-ed about your craft and the biz around it. NEVER STOP READING AND LEARNING.

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Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Ah fink the reason why all this are coming up now is becos of the economy situation. When things were all in order no one cared about all of this even the so called record label don’t feel it until now. So I’ll advice them to solve their problem in a way that the business relationship will still be there…


I pray that read this. You have a very valid point and a better solution.