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“Stop Making Me ANGRY” – Sonia Ogbonna warns Nigerian women


“Stop Making Me ANGRY” – Sonia Ogbonna warns Nigerian women

“Stop Making Me ANGRY” – Sonia Ogbonna warns Nigerian women

Motivational speaker Sonia Ogbonna took to her page to blast women about the high rate of domestic violence against women. She posted the above photo amd wrote:

Dear FELLOW women.
You need to STOP teaching your daughters that GETTING MARRIED AND “KEEPING A MAN” is an ultimate PURPOSE of a woman’s existence. That is the reason why some ladies suffer so badly in their homes because they think that everything is better then “loosing” a man. Stop teaching your daughters that they exist only to sacrifice,stomach and tolerate everything and anything man does.STOP MAKING ME ANGRY,please. TEACH THEM TO KNOW THEIR WORTH AND TO LOVE THEMSELVES FIRST,BEFORE YOU TEACH THEM HOW TO COOK,CLEAN AND “SERVE” THEIR FUTURE HUSBAND WELL. (This post refers to Nigerians for some reason but I for sure know it applies to half of this world where women suffer in their homes and where they are so afraid of being judged if they choose to leave ).I AM MY SISTERS KEEPER. I LOVE ME ALL MY WOMEN!! #SoniaOgbonna

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Matthias Nkuda
Matthias Nkuda

Everything in life is about choice including marriage. Beyond this earthly existence, marriage does not count. Ponder over it. When the scripture says “till death do you part.” It did mean that a woman should remain in marriage to whoever when, from all indications, she knows that due to domestic violence from the man, she is a point of dead. When she eventually dies, would she resurrect to continue to consummate the marriage? Like I said early on, it is a matter of choice. Cheers folks.

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

A woman in her right senses should not be told what to do after being treated this way by a man who calls himself their husband…


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