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Stop crucifying me for the disaster – Apostle Akan Weeks


Stop crucifying me for the disaster – Apostle Akan Weeks

Stop crucifying me for the disaster – Apostle Akan Weeks

In a statement posted on the church’s website, Apostle Weeks who was supposed to be ordained as a Bishop on the day of the tragedy, added that the disaster was a clear battle between light and darkness as some forces wanted to bring down the kingdom of God.

The Apostle who spoke from his hospital bed after he also suffered a cut in his leg, however, urged Nigerians to pray for him and his church instead of pointing accusing fingers at him as it was not his fault that the building collapsed.

Also speaking on the incident during a phone-in program of a private radio station in Uyo, Apostle Weeks described the tragedy as unfortunate, saying that he was equally injured by the debris of the collapsed structure.

“Apostle Akan Weeks is my name. It is very unfortunate the incident that happened on Saturday during my bishopric enthronement; I call to say that God is still on the throne.

Only God knows best and nobody can question Him. “And I want to say that for the departed souls. And those who are injured, God will give them quick and speedy recovery. I want to tell every family that is in pain that our God is the healer.

Now, people are crucifying me but no one should crucify me. I am more interested in the souls of the people I have laboured for to bring to God over the years since my tender age.”

” I am so sorry and sympathize with all the families. Please, we should rise and pray together, we will win the battle.

Let Christians in Akwa Ibom State know that this battle is not all about Akan Weeks and his church, it is the battle between the kingdom of darkness and the church in the land.

I was injured in the leg too. Please, this is not the time to crucify me; I’m still your brother. Reigners Church family, I’m still your pastor. The enthronement was canceled completely and I am not interested.

Please let us rise and pray. Once I am out of my hospital bed, I will come on air and we will pray together. I was also seriously injured. One of my legs was seriously damaged.”

Apostle Weeks has also called on people to stop the further circulation of the gory pictures of the unfortunate incident on social media as it is a constant reminder of what went wrong in the church.

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Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Hmmm na only God know the cause of this kind disaster…

Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

Quite a tragedy! Who is bow blaming the MOG?


Tragedy indeed

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