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Son Butchers Father To Death


Son Butchers Father To Death

A boy named Arinze Agwanze reportedly butchered his father to
death, after which he set the corpse ablaze to cover up his evil act.

incident which happened at 16 Ikogba Street, Monkey Village, in Ojo
Local Government Area of Lagos State, has left residents of the area
speechless as they have no idea what transpired between father and son
that led to the crime.

However a neighbour who pleaded anonymity
told Daily Sun, that Arinze has always been stubborn. On the day of the
incident, his father, Mr Agwanze who was suffering from stroke had sent
him on an errand but instead of doing his father’s bidding, he was busy
playing with his phone.

Angered over this, his father was said to
have smashed the phone, an action which infuriated Arinze causing him
to retaliate. He also smashed his father’s phone and as if that was not
enough, he picked a cutlass which he used to inflict injuries on his
father. When he realized his father was dead, he quickly set the house
on fire with his father’s body still inside so as to cover up his crime.
He then went into hiding to avoid the wrath of of relatives and

It was the flames that attracted neighbours to the
scene and when they got there, they found the deceased with his skull
ripped open and blood gushing out inside the burn­ing house.

neigbours however, claimed that Arinze is mentally challenged, adding
that before the ugly incident, they had seen him at noon burning some
family members’ cloths downstairs before moving upstairs to spread the
entire house with petrol and set the house on fire while his father was
in a pool of his blood.

One of Arinze’s siblings said, “I don’t
believe whatever Arinze is say­ing to defend this tragedy that befell
our household. At a young age, he had brain damage and it is not
everybody that knows. It is only us members of his family that are aware
of his situation. Whenever he gets upset, it’s always uncontrollable.
It comes to him in a flash like an evil spirit. That he claimed that our
father offended him is the one thing I don’t believe.”

residents and family members of the deceased had deposited his body at a
mortuary, but the next day, they took the body to hi village in Awka,
Anambra State for proper burial.

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Victor Ndah

this is pure madness.


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