Something Wicked Is A Break From The Norm (not your everyday Nollywood film)


Something Wicked Is A Break From The Norm (not your everyday Nollywood film).

Something Wicked entertains, thrills, and keeps you at the edge of your seat with our hearts racing.


Something Wicked” is the story of a widow (Hauwa), whose recently orphaned nephew Abel, moves into her home from the violence riddled Northern Nigeria, after the murder of his parents. Abel has a difficult time fitting into his new family, whilst Hauwa struggles with the challenges of balancing a failing business and single parenthood. This family’s bond is tested when they are thrown in a life threatening situation and we see how easily misunderstandings lead to misconceptions and premonitions are sometimes the only warning we get, in this game of life and death.

My Thoughts:
Hauwa’s family is very relatable. We see the struggles of a single parent family. An eyebrow raiser would be the casting of the children. Gabriel Afolayan, Beverly Naya, and Ivie Okujaiye are way older than the characters they play as Hauwa’s children but they do a very good job at convincing us. They perfectly play out the antics of adolescents. Everyone brought their A game when it comes to acting from Omawunmi Dada who had a few scenes and almost no lines to the lead character, Hauwa. Characters were well built. The Detective Hakeem pronouced with a snort. Esther played by Ivie does good to her character as a mute. Okey Uzoershi as Abel breathes life to his psycho character. Adesua is crazy as Claudia. They all hem their characters. You’d also enjoy Adesua’s chemistry with Ireti Doyle, they crack us up everytime they’re together. Something Wicked is also predictable and unpredictable at the same time. We know the killer but how the movie ends would leave you shocked and perhaps, angered.


So many things seemed illogical at the end. One of them was Esther hiding from Abel in the same room where from she had seen Abel murdering Claudia knowing fully well that he had caught her looking. Another thing was Rebecca trapping herself by running into the house when she could’ve ran out and alerted authorities or neighbours. There was also something off about Claudia’s obsession with Abel. Abel may be cute but he doesn’t have the sexy and hot body, Claudia was drooling over. Do we let all these slide,after all, illogical things happen in dreams.

My biggest problem with this film is the location, so Something Wicked is supposed to be set in Northern Nigeria but Hauwa and her family live in Amen Estate, Lekki, Lagos. They made it too obvious that the movie wasn’t shot anywhere close to the North. And may I say this: I am tired of seeing movies and TV series shot in that estate. We’ve had Jenifa’s diary, Industreet, Excess Luggage, One room, Dream house and a number of Africa Magic productions and ROK productions shot in that estate. It is becoming more than tiring.

Favourite Scene was Claudia’s murder scene.

For breaking the norm, for an original story, for thrilling while entertaining and for great performances, Sweet Something is highly recommended.

By Dika Ofoma, a movie blogger with Linjust. He is a cinephile who is interested in movie reviews and discussion.

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