dreamstime_xl_46361400-600x4001-600x400“SLEEP”- HOW IMPORTANT IS IT ?

Sleep has begun to be considered a waste of time”, even the youngest children sleep fewer hours than is necessary for sound psychological and physical development.

Lack of sleep in children leads to anxiety, irritability, poor academic achievement, and dejection and many even stunt growth.

Sleep deprivation diminishes mental ability and memory, diminishes mental ability and memory, and adolescents students are among the most at risks.

Scientist who studied the sleep habit of some 2,200 school students have found that about 47 percent were getting less than the recommended eight hours of sleep each night.

While their lifestyle often deprives youth`s of needed sleep some of them also may be suffering from undiagnosed medical problems sleep apnea affects some 4 percent of children aged 4 to 18.


During sleep, the airway at the back of the throat either partially or completely closes, restricting oxygen flow.

Thus, the brain does not completely relax, and children wake up tired and cranky.

Experts blame the use of computers, television, cell phones and video games just before going to bed for the sleep deficit of many youngsters.

These devices not only rob people of sleep time but also prevent state of relaxation needed in order to fall asleep.

A dark bed room without distractions, such as television and computers keeps a regular schedule for going to bed and waking up will also help children and teen to get a good night sleep.

Some with sleep apnea have used a continuous positive airway pressure machine, which gently blows air through the nostrils and mouth to keep the back of the throat open during sleep.

Signs of a possible disorder include snoring or wheezing during sleep, frequent headaches in the morning, and memory and concentration problems, as well as continual extreme daytime sleepiness.

All the kids know that smoking is harmful, but nobody tells them of the need to get enough sleep.

If we do not act they will become potential insomniac when adults.

Sleep is more important than what food we eat. It is important than exercise. Sleep governs our hormones, our emotions and our immune system.

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Anthony Dugbo

This is quite educative!

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Possible Wilson

Ah love this info, thanks for the info @Linjust…

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Mr Talkless

interesting en Educative…!

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

kudos @ Linjust for this msg. lets keep on sleeping