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Shun the Controversy; the Real Mesothelioma Survival Rate in the United States


Shun the Controversy; the Real Mesothelioma Survival Rate in the United States

Mesothelioma Survival RateShun the Controversy; the Real Mesothelioma Survival Rate in the United States

Mesothelioma is a disease that must be taken seriously. This is because of the severity of the cases and the fact that people are exposed to it while trying to do their bit in the bid to better the society. There are many controversies about the reports on the survival rates of the disease.  When experts talk about the survival rate of Mesothelioma, they talk in terms of one year survival, and this means the percentage of people who survive the diseases for one year after they have been diagnosed of it. In other cases, they also talk about people who go on to live for two, three, four and five years ahead.

Before we delve into the tabulation of the survival rates, it is good to let you know that this disease is so deadly that it killed up to 30, 000 people in the United States from 1999 to 2010.

The rate shows that many of the patients survive for at least one year, while about 20% of the patients survive till the second year, and the third year is survived by only about 8% of the infected. The truth about the survival rate is that it varies by a lot of things. For instance, people of different age, race, gender, location, cell type and stage of the disease have different levels of survival.

For example, Mesothelioma cancer patients that are older in age have less chances of survival than the younger ones. For the patients diagnosed before the age of 50, more than 50% of them live on for at least one more year, while less than 33 percent of people above 75 live for the same one year.

This is largely due to the fact that some intensive treatment procedures which younger patients can withstand may not be advisable for older patients. This is because of the high risk of complications and poor general health due to old age.

Statistics has it that about 0.3% of people between 25-34 years die of the disease. People between 34 – 44 years record about 1.3% death rate, people between 45-54 years has about 4.6% death rate, people between 55-64 record about 14.7% death rate. The death rate in people between 65-74 years is 29.1%. For people between 75 – 84 years, the death rate is 37.7% and for people of 85 and above, the death rate is 12.2%.

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Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Mehn tor this disease to kill 30,000 people from just 1999-2010 then we all have to take precaution to as to avoid this deadly threat. May God help us out in this critical time o…

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless


Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

This is very bad… I’m hearing of this for the first time.

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

What a big lost..over 30,000 lives… the younger ages have a strong immune systems that’s why dey can withstand it for years… may God keep protecting us over all this Endtime deadly diseases.



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