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Shocking: Woman confesses to have slept with over 10 dogs! [MUST READ]


Shocking: Woman confesses to have slept with over 10 dogs! [MUST READ]


Shocking: Woman confesses to have slept with over 10 dogs! [MUST READ]

Wonders never cease to end! Here is another shocking confession from a woman.

My name is Ini-Obong. I am from Akwa-Ibom state, Nigeria but I reside in Malaysia. Only last year, I returned to Nigeria on completion of my studies. For a lot of reasons, I may want to hide some other details for fear of been humiliated by my folks. All I desire are kind and encouraging words to get out of this thing I have come to realise is a huge mess.

I have been living in shambles and mystery and decided to speak out before I get consumed. I am 29 years old and I have never had sex with any man, except my dogs.

Growing up, we had dogs as guards or say pets. As an only child, I got what I wanted. On this fateful day, specifically January 12th, I asked my father for one of the dogs to live in my room. He granted my wish as a birthday present to me. This was where my ordeal started.

I would bath with the dog, eat with it and all. On this particular day, I played with the dog and I got tickled and turned on. In the process, one thing led to another and I had an ‘insertion’ with the dog.

For 15 years, I have slept with over 10 dogs. I have lived my life sleeping with any cute dog I came across. All I need do is either buy it or cajole it to a corner and have sex. I am a full grown adult and I still can’t kill the urge. Whatever you can imagine doing with a man in bed as a lady, I do with my dogs.

As much as I love dogs, I detest men. I get every satisfaction from my dogs. The more effort I put in trying to stop sleeping with dogs, the more urge I have to have sex with them.

I’m the only one who knows this and the burden is too heavy for me. It’s far more than I can swallow.

Am I alright? Is it out of the ordinary? How can I talk to my parents about this?

Can this confession even help me when I keep battling with myself over this matter? What do I do please? I need help!

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Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

Go for counseling and deliverance. It is a small matter before God.

elias charles
elias charles

Its vry simple dear what u hv to do is to neal down in ur room and make the comfession to God and then u will knw wat to do bt dont continue doing this after praying… Our God is able this is my advice leave it or take it

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

Crazy world…!

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

Keep praying, en share dis with ur parent. They may do something to help u.
Dis bad!


Very sad dear but pray to your God and things will change for better ,never shud u tell yo parents but tell yo God,then after that,if u are in need of a man,u are well come.whatsup number +260965798568 ZAMBIA

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