Seven Actors Who Almost Became Superheroes


Here are seven surprising actors who almost got a superhero role:



Noted comic book fan (and former owner of a copy of Action Comics #1) Nicolas Cage almost played the Man of Steel in a scrapped movie called Superman Lives.  Based on the “Death of Superman” storyline, Superman Lives would have featured Cage fighting the likes of Brainiac and Doomsday in a plot that also involved giant spiders and mutant polar bears.  Of course, giant spiders and mutant polar bears should probably be expected, since the movie was to be directed by Tim Burton. Superman Lives made it pretty far into pre-production, as photos were taken of Cage in a neon Superman suit meant to represent the Man of Steel’s views on humanity. Warner Bros. canceled the movie and moved forward with Superman Returns instead. In hindsight, maybe they should have stuck with the Nicolas Cage Superman in the technocolor superhero suit.

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