See Why Ubi Franklin And Lilian Esoro Son Has Bowleg


See Why Ubi Franklin And Lilian Esoro Son Has Bowleg

Jaden Franklin, the 1yr old son of actress Lilian Esoro and TripleMG boss, Ubi Franklin strikes a cute froggy posture whenever he sleeps and even tho, Lilian tries and adjusts her little lad he always returns to the same position; arms and knees tucked in with his butt way up in the air as he dozes off.


While it’s quite cute, the position actually shows signs that the child might be have airway restriction. See, the reason kids sleep this way is that it helps open their airway, which allows them better oxygenation during sleep.

Babies who have suffered from pollution have swelling in the tonsils and adenoids, which leads to partial or complete blockage of the airway which leads to sleep disordered breathing which inturn makes them shift into the more comfortable froggy style.

Some believe, it can also be due to lack of proper cover during cold weather. Although, it’s not detrimental to their health some kids end up bowlegged for sleeping in this same position.

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