See How This Fitness Freak Spends A Fortune Trying To Make Himself Look Older (Photos)


See How This Fitness Freak Spends A Fortune Trying To Make Himself Look Older (Photos)

A fitness fanatic from Poland is encouraging the ageing process while most of his Instagram colleagues are trying to slow it down.

Pawel Ladziak has the physique of a body builder and the coiffured white hair of the most dapper old boy in town.

The Warsaw social media sensation – otherwise known as the Polish Viking for reasons that are beyond obvious – has worked particularly hard for his unusual looks which have most of his followers baffled over his real age.

Many mistake the 35-year-old for a man in his 60s; a misjudgement that makes his physique all the more impressive.


Ladziak spends a small fortune on dying his naturally dark hair and beard bright white, in order to keep up the subterfuge and set himself apart from the rest of the be-muscled men in his online so-called fit fam.

The clever marketing ploy began when Pawel got his first few greys – and, evidently not one to do things by halves, he decided to shun the salt and pepper look for a snowy white alternative.

His hair has even led to some (admittedly terrible) Internet Detectives questioning his marriage with wife, Magda.
The couple took Instagram by storm together, and because of Pawel’s white hair, it would appear there’s a significant age gap. So much so, some even mistake Magda for Pawel’s daughter.

Just goes to show you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or a woman on her choice of lover.

While many men baulk at the thought of losing the pigmentation in their hair, this guy is making grey look great – sort of like a snow-capped mountain range.

Just goes to show that absolutely no one need settle for what their mama gave them and pretty much everything you see on social media is an expertly curated lie.

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