See how this 10-year-old boy help deliver his baby brother and saves his life and of their mom


See how this 10-year-old boy help deliver his baby brother and saves his life and of their mom

A 10-year-old boy saved his mother when she unexpectedly went into labour on their bathroom floor. Jayden Fontenot delivered his baby brother, Daxx, after his mum, Ashly Moreau, suddenly went into labour on August 11 at their home on Louisiana.

Not only that, when the young hero realised that Daxx was not breathing, he made the quick decision to grab a nasal aspirator and pump air into the infant’s lung thus saving him.


What makes the story even more incredible is that the 36-year-old mother was bleeding profusely during the birth as the baby was initially in the breech position (he was coming out feet first).

Breeching usually can cause the infant’s head to get stuck in the birth canal and may even cause brain injury or death. On August 11, Ashly’s water broke six weeks ahead of the scheduled date.

A shocked Ashly saw that her baby’s feet were sticking out of her and she was bleeding profusely indicating that most probably her placenta had detached from the uterine wall prematurely.

Because her fiancé, Kelsey Richard, had already left for work for the day, Ashly had to call out for her son Jayden. Speaking to Today, Ashly said that Jayden’s calmness calmed her down and even though he was scared he knew he had to do it.

The boy got down to his knees and grabbed onto his brother’s feet and as per her instructions helped move Daxx out of the breech by rotating him accordingly.

However, the situation was still not out of danger as even after pulling him our, he noticed that the baby was not breathing and rushed into the kitchen to get a nasal aspirator that his 11-year-old sister uses.

He then ran back into the bathroom and helped his mom start pumping air into the newborn’s nose and mouth. Daxx began breathing just as the emergency medical team arrived to take them to a hospital.

The baby is now healthy and doctors say that had Jayden not been there then the baby would never have been able to start breathing.

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