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See The Female kidnapper Who strangled and tied neighbor’s 6-year old son in a box (Photo)


See The Female kidnapper Who strangled and tied neighbor’s 6-year old son in a box (Photo)

A six-year-old boy, Emmanuel Emeka, who was rescued from a suspected
kidnapper on Wednesday in the Ikorodu area of Lagos, has recounted how
he was lured, seized and tied up by his abductor.

Emmanuel said the suspect, identified as Mama Ifunaya, who was a
neighbour, lured him into her room, strangled him,covered his mouth with
clothes before tying him up with rope to prevent him from screaming.

He said,

“I wanted to draw water and take my
bath before going to school when she told me to come. I went because I
know her; she is Mama Ifunnaya. But when I got to her side, she threw me
inside her room… she closed her net. She then tied me and put me inside
a box.I wanted to shout, but I could not shout properly. I heard my
mummy’s voice when she was looking for me, but I could not shout. She
(pointing to the suspect) is a wicked person.”

 Our correspondent observed that Emmanuel’s neck had marks, while his
eyes were bloodshot.PUNCH Metro on Thursday spoke with the victim’s
mother, Mrs. Gloria Emeka, who explained that she never suspected her
neighbour because while she was searching for her child, the suspect was
in her room with her children praying and shouting “holy ghost
fire.”She said she later discovered it was a ploy to prevent her from
hearing Emmanuel’s screams.She said,

“On Tuesday morning, I was preparing
Emmanuel to go to school. He told me he wanted to fetch the water from
the well.I left him and went inside the kitchen where I was cooking. But
what I heard next was the muffled voice of my child and I ran out.I
began shouting his name, but I didn’t see him. I, however, observed that
my neighbour’s door was slightly opened and I entered. I met her
children and asked them if they saw Emmanuel, but they said no.I looked
everywhere without a trace of my son. People joined me and we searched
the surroundings, but we couldn’t find him.My landlady’s son entered the
well to see if he fell into the well, but he came out and said he
couldn’t find anything.”

While this was on, Mama Ifunaya was said to have sent her four kids out of the house.

PUNCH Metro gathered that more people joined the search party, while Mama Ifunaya stayed in her mini-flat apartment.

“Later, we saw her leaving the house
with a box on her head. She said she was travelling. It was my landlady
that challenged her why she could go out when everybody was busy
searching for Emmanuel.
“The landlady asked her to stop, but
she suddenly increased her pace and started running. That was how the
landlady shouted, ‘kidnapper, kidnapper’, and people ran after her.”

The box was said to have fallen, and when it was opened, the missing boy was found in it.

Our correspondent learnt that a mob would have lynched her but for
the intervention of policemen from the Ipakodo Police Division, Ikorodu.

She reportedly confessed that a prophet sent her to bring the child.

A police source told our correspondent some witnesses said more than
15 receipts were recovered from the victim. The receipts were said to
have shown payment for some past unidentified jobs.

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