Scam Alert: Beware of scammers on Facebook with these tricks


When someone is talking about how she found true love on Facebook and she is about to get married to the guy. Another is reporting a scam. As someone tried to scam her and run away with her money. As we all know it there are always two side to a coin. Be careful on social media.


The pictures shared on this post was by the lady reporting a scam. It might not be the real picture of the scammer. We all know they don’t use their real pictures but those of people that can’t be traced to them. Probably the prson whose pictures have been used are not even aware.

Here is the post below:

Ladies be very careful of requests you receive on Facebook. I promised to expose this cartel.

I got a friend request from Praise Obiora, checked through his profile, saw no mutual friend but accepted it because I saw his post where all reasonable and he had the innocent look.



He chatted me almost immediately, told me he was in Abuja before but just relocated to Jos and managing his company while I reside and was working in a firm at Lagos.

I questioned him why the request, and he said always admire my quotes and my personality on Facebook and would like us to be friends. I told him wasn’t interested and we quarreled and I told him I doubted his personality.

Finally we became Friends and I gave him my number while he called me with this-08064371508.

I asked about his family told me his father is late and his only sister is studying in Australia, and mum staying in Calabar. 2 weeks later he informed the mum about me but didn’t let her know we haven’t met. He gave me his mum number (08160439168) to call her, I spoke to her and the elderly woman’s voice was just calling me ‘my son’s wife’, she has heard lots about me and I wasn’t comfortable with that. I called Praise later and he was just like this is the mums way of putting marriage pressure as the only son.



The next week he told me he got an offer from his land agents in Enugu but his money wasn’t complete though and the offer was till on Tuesday,I consoled him that he will get another if this passed by, but he was just lamenting that is a good offer and site was the best for family training so became more suspicious, someone I met less than 3 weeks is requesting for money indirectly and giving me insight about his plans.

The mum called me on Sunday night that I should try my best to assist that my “Husband” was worried, she would support with 100k, while the balance was 200k, and the land price was 1.6million. I told her I would try though I don’t have but will ask my colleagues. I then ignored them until Wednesday night, and told her I was disappointed by them (colleagues).



The next week the guy called me that he was traveling to USA for a 2weeks workshop and I should take care of her mother and calling me with this: +19175039019, and sent me pictures of him in US also. Days later Praise called me that his mum was rushed to hospital and they needed money and she was unconscious so a nurse was attached to her and needed money before they can start any treatment on her but the money was to be sent to the nurse,I requested for the hospital account number and name- instead and they where blabbing this was sent-FCMB 3905853015 Mba Ogechukwu, and hospital is Mercy Multi Specialist, Calabar. I googled the name and only Abuja location was on the website.

This drew my suspicion again.

Weeks later, Praise arrived Nigeria (as he claimed) and informed me he was going to visit his mum and afterward visit me in Lagos on 29th Aug. I had lost my job around this time this incidence happened in less than 4 months.

Unfortunately, there is this babe that I noticed liked some of his pictures and i became inquisitive and she was just shouting ‘Scammers’. I told her my story and she said almost same happened to her about twice with different names and was later blocked and gave me the number used: 09032883159. I told her was going to post it online and let people be aware. I was still playing ignorant of Praise game.

The height of the matter was on 26th August,got a call from the mother by 10.20pm that she is yet to see her son and his numbers where not going and if I heard from him. She called all night that he is yet to get home.

Next day same thing not back, on my way for my program class, I called her and she was crying Over the phone that unknown number called her and was requested for 10 million to release her son. I told her to negotiate and pay up. That I wasn’t working again hence didn’t have money and she made statement of me telling my parents. I became furious at this point and asked why they should help someone they haven’t met and they ‘re not desperate for marriage.


2 days later, I requested for account number that I was going to tell my uncle who is capable and this was provided: Ogugua Charles- 6019948788 Keystone Bank,

I requested for BVN that my uncle needed it to complete the transfer. A young man claiming to be the mum’s brother said it can’t be sent to me that it is personal that I should know this. However while speaking on the phone his voice wasn’t clear. I guessed he used something to cover his mouth.

I just got fed up immediately because I suspected he was the person speaking and then I opened up told him his game was over. I rained curses on him then hung up.

I ‘ve been blocked by his mother and his 2 numbers are still not going till date. During the investigation discovered it has happened to 2 ladies which one fell victim for and gave out her money-150,000.

Please ladies be careful of the kind of post and pictures we upload and privacy settings.Trust no one and don’t seem desperate most especially for marriage..

Thank you.

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Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

Mhen, that’s serious….! I’m happy 4 u that u didn’t fall victim

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

This will serve as lesson to ladies who fall in love easy with a ghost on social media

Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

They will stop at nothing! Idiots!


Hahahaha lol

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Thanks for the alert info @…