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Sanusi and the politics behind his emergence


Sanusi and the politics behind his emergence

Only simpletons would dismiss the kind of
vicious politics that emit from the palaces of
the nation’s traditional rulers.
Contestants for elective political offices and
their supporters have the right to appeal the
outcome of an election, and when they fail,
they can persevere till another election within
four years.
The politics of the palace, however, stretches
beyond imagination of men.
It has now emerged that many traditional
rulers from the north were on the same
wavelength with the presidency in piling
pressure to stop erstwhile governor of the
Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Mallam Sanusi
Lamido Sanusi from succeeding the late Emir
Ado Bayero.
The battle for the succession to the throne was
shaped in two dimensions. On one part as has
been generally reported was the vicious
opposition of the presidency to the emergence
of Lamido Sanusi as successor to the quiet and
reserved Bayero.
Sanusi was suspended by President Goodluck
Jonathan from office as governor of the Central
Bank of Nigeria, CBN last February and his
emergence as emir of the nation’s second most
influential emirate could not but have been
unsettling given that he had not been cleared
of the charges leveled against him.
But not so for the opposition which profited
from Sanusi’s not too few darts directed at the
presidency. Within twenty four hours after the
burial of the late Bayero, opposition leader,
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was in Kano
reportedly piling pressure on Governor Rabiu
On the other hand, the kingmakers who by the
rules have the responsibility of short listing
three princes for the throne were under
another kind of pressure. Vanguard learnt that
several traditional rulers from across the north
also put pressure on the kingmakers against
Sanusi. The opposition to Sanusi from the
northern traditional rulers was not necessarily
because of the political or moral issues that
fanned the opposition raised by the
The northern Emirs, Saturday Vanguard learnt,
were mostly supportive of the first son of the
late Emir who is the Ciroma Kano, Alhaji Sanusi
Lamido Ado Bayero.
The reason for their support for him, it was
gathered, was to help set a tradition in
Northern Nigeria that could see their own sons
being favoured to succeed them in future.
The kingmakers, it was learnt, however, saw
through this and in their own permutations
believed that instituting that tradition of first
sons succeeding Emirs would dilute the power
and influence of kingmakers.
Some sources say that such consideration
propelled the kingmakers to shortlist Lamido
Sanusi among the candidates for the
It has, however, remained a matter of
contention whether he was number one on the
kingmakers’ list submitted to the governor. The
governor under the law has the right to pick
any one of the three names submitted to him
by the kingmakers.
Sources claim that Lamido Sanusi was the third
in the list and Ciroma first. Perhaps, it was
based on this order or the shortlist that leaked
to the press that prompted the initial
congratulatory message by the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP.
The PDP has recovered to congratulate its one
time mortal foe, Lamido Sanusi.
But as at press time, the presidency was yet to
congratulate the former CBN governor.
President Jonathan who has been the butt of
several criticisms as not a strong leader has
this time decided to hold his dignity. Perhaps
he has weighed the moral burden on him
congratulating a controversial man and the
opportunity cost to his re-election by
distancing from the 15th Emir of Kano

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dats wat happens in d political world of the nation,each one of dm must hv an opposer… cant b stopped!


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