Which Of The Rules Of Rehab Do You Hate Most?


Which Of The Rules Of Rehab Do You Hate Most?

The events that take place in a rehab are regarded as obscure and weird. This is because of the kind of people that stay in the rehab. Because of this, many people are not interested in investigating or learning about the things that concern the rehabs.

Now, one thing that many people do not know is that rehabs actually have very obscure rules which even people that have not been in rehabs will actually abhor. Some of the rules are against the concept of rehabilitation. For instance, a friend was saying that he once visited a rehab which was in actual lockdown like a military facility.

One of the rules of this rehab is that there is no way you can leave the premises without an escort accompanying you.

The rules also stipulate that you must sign in and out of all the meals. People in the rehab have no access to cell phones and all their reading materials are taken away from them.

Now, one thing you have to realize is that we are not talking about detention here. We are talking about rehabs that are simply meant for the treatment of diseases. I wonder how someone can heal in such conditions anyway.


Another rule is that TV, movies, music in the rehab cannot have triggers. This simply confines the inmates to a life they will not leave when they leave the rehab. Why deny them these things that they will experience when they get out and make them crave for them so much that they overuse them when they are out. The best thing should have been to teach these people how to manage these triggers. Yes, it could be programmed in such a way that they should not see these as triggers again, but as one behavior they are moving into the society to campaign against.

On another angle, inmates are escorted by a staff whenever they want to go and get their urine sample. This is also one of the most stupid of all. Why demean the personality of an inmate by having another human being disturb them while they are doing their private business, when you have kits that can detect adulterants and dilution in the urine.

There is also the rule that there should be no male and female relationship of any kind in the rehab, and that couples cannot attend the same rehab together. This stupid rule even caused the dismissal of one rehab inmate who is adjudged to be doing well in his rehabilitation. Wouldn’t you advocate for the abolition of these?????????


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Mehn the rules are so weird, don’t think i can cope with such…