Review of PostCron


Review of PostCronReview of PostCron

There is a great tool I would like to share with you. Do you just a simple and yet effective tool that will enable you to be managing your social media accounts? Then Postcron is the answer. It has been helping thousands of customers, and will surely help you in the most effective way. You will never regret using this amazing service.

This tool is designed to make your life much easier. It is designed for those that want to work right away, and plan their social media activities several times per day.

What postcron does?

It may interest you to know that postcron is the surest way of scheduling posts, twitter and Google+. Overtime, more than 180 million posts have been shared on various social media platforms. So, we can simply say that Postcron is a scheduling tool for social media platforms.

The best way to do it is by linking your social media accounts to one or all your posts, and then quickly scheduling them to appear on the pages you want them to appear at the same time. The good news is that one click will do the magic- you can schedule your posts with one just a click. The click will take you about one second.

Most of the users of postcron keep on referring it to their customers, friends and business associates. If you go to the internet, you will read series of reviews left by previous users.

Types of Postcron services

There is a free option. Here, you just need to set up an account. You can have about 10 pending posts at the time. There are also paid accounts. They have unlimited pending posts, and you can add team members- people that can assist you in managing your social media accounts as well as enhance the volume of your linked accounts. If you are someone that is always, someone that don’t need to be online all the time, or you are someone that is always beclouded with busy week, then you can streamline your social media posting with this viable tool.

This is user-friendly. And there are amazing options for sharing a link, photo, and creating post. The user can go ahead to upload these images various social media profiles like Facebook. You have the option to view your schedule posts, delete or schedule them at anytime. All these can be modified or viewed using social media account.


You are free to import CSV files of your previous posts any time. The user can also set pre-defined time they will be published- by so doing; you can automatically schedule your posts any time you wish.

It is really amazing to share contents in the internet to your different social media accounts. These can be done in a professional manner with content recommendation and chrome extension tools. Let us briefly explain each of them:

Content recommendation tool

This gives you the privilege of selecting posts from Twitter feeds together with the keywords. All you need to do is to go to the search box, and put the pre-populated posts you would like to share to your friends, followers on the social media. Leave some comments, and then click OK. Once you click the OK button, the content will be scheduled.

Chrome extension tool

With this, all you need to do would be to create your post virtually from any website or web page of your choice. If you visit any website you love so much, just schedule it and it will be done.

Pros and cons

If you read some reviews on the internet, you will see that few people have registered their reservations about Postcron such as inability of the user to view the newsfeed as well as limited number of image uploads per post.

However, the benefits surely outweighs the disadvantages, it makes your life easier. You can schedule and share your comments with your followers or friends on the social media periodically. This is a way of reminding them what is new and currently available for their consumption.

With postcron, you can create unique posts about your goods and services any time you wish, and keep rescheduling it for number of years. In this case, you don’t have to be coming back every few days to tell them about it or create new posts. You can now focus on other options like checking the layouts, promotions, designing new products. Amazingly, it is important to remark here that postcron is designed for your own good. It enables you not only to share useful contents, but also find useful, creative and interesting tips and articles you may have missed.

Thus, if you really want to stuff your social media accounts with high quality contents, then sign up with Postcron. It is free, and will take you few 2-3 to create an account there. It is very useful, and will surely be of great help to you today.


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