Revealed: The reasons why the NOA with NSRP had a workshop with Nigeria Bloggers & Social Media in Rivers State


Revealed: The reasons why the NOA with NSRP had a workshop with Nigeria Bloggers & Social Media in Rivers State
It was the fourth edition of the Nigeria Bloggers` and social
workshop, this important event was convened by the National
orientation Agency(NOA) in collaboration with the Nigeria stability and
reconciliation Programme (NSRP) with the aim of encouraging ethical and conflict
sensitive online content, it was held at Juanita
, on the 13th – 14th may,2015.
According to the study carried out by the Nigeria Stability
and reconciliation Programme (NSRP) the use of social media has been increasing
exponentially in certain areas of the country. This provides a great
opportunity for cost effective and rapid dissemination of information; however,
the social media has also become an avenue for transmitting hate speeches and
radical messages. For example, the posting of a provocative religious video on YouTube
which led to the September 2012 violent riot in Benghazi-Libya, claiming the lives of four US embassy workers
including the Ambassador who neither knew about the video nor had any
connections to it. We are aware of the strategy deployed online to radicalize
and encourage violent attack against innocent people around the world.
Coming back home, in 2014, social media helped to propagate
the bitter kola and salt solution as preventive measures against the Ebola virus outbreak which raised
health concerns within the country. These and much more were the backbone that
drove the National Orientation
and the Nigeria
stability and reconciliation programme (NSRP)
to engage bloggers,
press/media organization, social media users, online enthusiasts and relevant
stake holders to discuss ways in which, as a nation, we can proactively
safeguard our cyberspace for its detrimental effects.
Some of the topics that were discussed include;
  • Findings
    from Nationwide baseline survey and Blog monitoring report- delivered by Mr. Wilson Olaniyan and Mr. Samuel Oloche of the National
    Orientation Agency(NOA).
  • Ethics
    first round table foundation session- delivered by Mr. Bulama Kabla and Mr. Jerry bent of the National
    Orientation Agency (NOA).
  • Conflict
    sensitivity and gender sensitivity in communication and reporting – delivered
    by Dr. Ukoha Ukiwo, programme
    Manager, Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP).
  • Global
    blogging trends & Narrowing down to Nigerian Experiences- delivered by Mr. Tolu Ogunlesi.
  • Effects
    of online contents on Human Behaviour [In-depth look at how online content are
    changing the way we interact, negative and positive effect in human beings and
    Nation at large]- delivered by Mr. Sola
    (Programme manager of One Life Initiative)
  • Reputation/
    Perception Management…who is Responsible?
    – delivered by Prof. Pate Umaru
    of Bayero University, Kano (BUK).
  • Ethical
    conduct in online reporting: prospect and challenges- delivered by Ms. Edith Ohaja of University of
    Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

These powerful topics were delivered enthusiastically by the
speakers.  It is what mentioning that the
goal of this workshop was not designed to infringe on the right to freedom of
speech and expression or an attempt by Government to impose a regulatory
framework on the populace. Rather it is an attempt to;


  •  Highlight
    the role of bloggers/writers of online articles, the press, social media users,
    and media focused civil society organization in promoting peace, unity and
    national development.
  • To
    increase the knowledge of bloggers and other workshop participants on ethical
    principals in their practice.
  • To
    equip bloggers and workshop participants with knowledge on conflict sensitive
    communication and reporting.
  • To
    create the awareness of bloggers and other workshop participants on the
    significance of their roles as society`s opinion shapers and lastly; to address
    some observation arising from the recent nationwide baseline survey on the use
    of social media and online tools conducted by National Orientation Agency (NOA).


We thank Mr. Mike
OFR, fnipr, Dr. Ukoha Ukiwo,
Mr. Jerry bent, Mr. Tolu Ogunlesi, Mr. Sola
, Prof. Pate Umaru, Ms. Edith Ohaja, Mr. Bulama Kabla, Mr. Wilson
Juanita Hotel and
everybody who helped in making this programme a success.

Check out some of the pictures at the event below..





















































Over to you: what do you think about this workshop?

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