Picture Perfect Warms The Heart


Picture Perfect Warms The Heart

A fashion designer (Mary Njoku) meets a notorious area boy (Bolanle Ninolowo) when her car breaks down in his hood and what seems to be a distressing situation turns out to be a blessing but also goes completely sideways.


Making assumptions from the synopsis, one could easily conclude that the movie would be a rich girl meets poor boy, they fall in love, they get married story. Typical Nollywood. But this is not what the movie is about and this is the greatest win of the film. The story managed not to shove an unbelievable love story down our throats. The writer, Biodun Stephen was able to tell an appealing and realistic story that warms the heart and lives audience with life lessons.

One remarkable thing about the film is Bolanle’s acting. He hems his role as an area boy so well that he’s able to produce the right amount of laughter and sympathy from the viewers in whatever situation any of the two is needed. This is probably the best performance from Bolanle.

Mary Njoku and Bisola Aiyeola also work as friends. There chemistry is good and add to make the film enjoyable.

However, the movie dragged on for too and it was a bit disconcerting watching Mary Njoku play the posh lady. She was jumbling up accents and at the same time throwing blunders like ” Good radiance ” when she meant to say “Good riddance”. Then on technicality, Sound was a problem. There was a scene where the noise of a generator was jarring from the background. Also, the score could’ve been improved on.

These glitches can however be brushed over as the movie entertains and satisfies.

By Dika Ofoma, a movie blogger with Linjust. He is a cinephile who is interested in movie reviews and discussion.

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