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Photo of the Day- Beyonce Proves Her Body Is Bootylicious With New Bikini Pics


Photo of the Day- Beyonce Proves Her Body Is Bootylicious With New Bikini Pics

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Just two weeks ago, Jay Z’s lady love got the Internet aflutter with some suspicious-looking bikini pics .
But now, the svelte stunner is posting more scantily clad images, where
she is appearing more full-figured than the images she posted just
weeks ago. Is Beyonce finally rockin’ what she’s got? It looks like it!

Last month when the 33-year-old shared snaps from her Mediterranean birthday cruise, fans were calling Bey’s bluff on
her thigh gap-tastic bikini pics. These new images are definitely
raising our eyebrows — Beyonce is definitely looking much curvier than
the images from just a few weeks ago, leading us to believe that the
“Drunk In Love” singer altered those photos.

And we aren’t the only ones who think Blue Ivy’s mom is doctoring her Tumblr snaps!

In our record-breaking poll, our readers decided that Queen B was
definitely altering those images of hers — only 9% of our readers voted
in favor of Beyonce, saying that the media was making a fuss over
nothing. Meanwhile, a whopping 2,107 readers, which comprised 79% of the
vote, believe that B is guilty of Photoshopping those bathing suit
snaps, and doing it rather badly! (BTW: if the math bothers you — just
know that 11% of readers didn’t care either way — they just think
Beyonce looks great! But we don’t care about what those wishy washy
peeps have to say, we know the truth!)

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Why is she exposing her self, she don't know that she is selling her human hood. Rubbish.


That's good for them? But stop exposing your body


suit yourself


Good for her


What's al this mess, exposing ur nakedness in the name of celebrity


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