People That Are Happy With the Resignation of Sunday Oliseh – See List Inside


OlisehPeople That Are Happy With the Resignation of Sunday Oliseh – See List Inside

The president of the United States of America said something that is very spectacular. He said that it is very easy to criticize, but it is very difficult to actually lead. This perhaps is what APC as a political party is suffering at the moment. That one aside, Sunday Oliseh is known as one of the fiercest critics to almost all the coaches Nigeria has ever had since he grew up. During his playing days, he had to fight with almost all the coaches, and this earned him an un-ceremonial ousting from the super eagles.

When he arrived as a coach, we were thinking that he has gained some level of growing up, at least through his sojourn in Europe. But the answer is still no. He came into the team with the support of Nigerians, probably due to his age and vibrant nature. But he immediately picked a fight with Nigeria’s longest serving and most decorated player. This led to the resignation of the captain, Vincent Enyeama from the national team.

In line with his harsh treatment to the senior players, people like Emmanuel Emenike and others had to reign too. However, it is not always as it is said. The job of management is much stronger than offering a critique, and Oliseh set out to work. We cannot say that he has been the worst coach in terms of results, but he has not been anything near better or the best.


It is true that the next match between the super eagles and Egypt would most definitely be a decider of his future. If he lost that match, he would have gotten the boot. But he chose to resign before the match and most Nigerians view this as act cowardice. This is probably because Nigeria has a sit tight mentality, where people hold onto jobs they cannot do, just because of the money coming out from it.

He sighted some reasons for his resignation, but the truth is that previous Nigerian coaches have been working under the same conditions, and that Keshi who he criticized, even went ahead to win a trophy under such conditions.

According to Chukwuemeka, “Lol! We no say you no go last.”

Link wrote

“Praise be to Olodumare! The almighty has done it again. My father, he never disappoints. He heard the cry of my Heart breaking when Enyeama was ingloriously kicked out, and on this day, he has avenged my sorrow. Great is Olodumare, the God of gods, King of kings, Lord of lords and Coach of coaches.”

For Silva, “Oliseh is scared of Egypt for him to resign now. “@SundayOOliseh dats unfair. Are you scared that you can’t beat Egypt, where is your much vaunted patriotism.”

To @Omojuwa, “it was madness gone too far, “And now, I just saw that the latest Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh has resigned. The beat of madness in our football is persistent.”

In the words of Chisom

“Sunday Oliseh has resigned. I prophesied he won’t last a year. I hope Ajala Buhari will take Cue and resign already too.

No money

No light

No food

No job

No cool weather


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Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

At first ah thought ah was the only one that was happy about his resignation, thank God ah have lots of backup…

Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

He was smart to resigned nstead of been sacked! Now there is hope with the super eagles! His resignation is good news!

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

Bad mind thinking.. where ever place u find urself, ther must be ppl who re always wishing for ur down fall.
Olishe did what he thinks is the best for him.

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

Bad mind thinkers .. where ever place u find urself, ther must be ppl who re always wishing for ur down fall.
Olishe did what he thinks is the best for him.