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Onions, Much More Than A Delicacy [MUST READ]


Onions, Much More Than A Delicacy [MUST READ]

Would a kitchen be complete without the common onion? This
multipurpose vegetable can be used for almost anything – soups, salads, main
dishes, medicinal preparations. It can even make us cry a little.
A relative of beautiful flowering plants- such as the  golden onion, the bride`s onion, and the
ornamental garlic- the common onion is a producer of beautiful flowers itself.
Yet, what is present in practically every kitchen of the world is the bulb,
basically an underground bud with swollen leaf sheaths. 
This  vegetable is one
of  the oldest crops cultivated by man. How
widespread its use was can be traced through the bible record, which shows that
by about the year 1513 BCE, the people of Israel longed for the onions they had
eaten while in Egyptian servitude. But what has given the onion’s flavour such
prestige in palates so diverse? It is surely the sulfur compounds, which give
it a particular aroma and pungency. And its sulferic acid forms the substance
that causes the legendary tears.

Onions are an asset to the world`s health. They contain
nutrients, such as calcium, phosphorus, and ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. In
particular, though, onions have been historically appreciated for their
medicinal properties. Even now they are used to fight a number of conditions,
including cold, laryngitis, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes,
and asthma. Also attributed to the onion are antiseptic, anti-cholesterol,
anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic and anticancer effects.
Onions come in different colours- white, yellow, brown,
green, red and purple. you can have them fresh, cooked, canned, pickled,
dehydrated,  powered, in flakes or in
Is the Onion not a wonderful 
vegetable- even if it does make you shed a few tears?

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