Nunavut Family and Child Rearing Culture [Must Read]


Nunavut Family and Child Rearing Culture

For those who do not know about the people called the Nunavut, this article is a must read.         It is common knowledge that the original owners of the land currently occupied by the United States and Canada are the aboriginals. In Canada, the native Inuit people has made claims to vast areas of land, and in agreement with the Canadian government, the Nunavut territory was created in 1999.

The Nunavut people have a lot of unique culture and tradition that are worth experiencing, and we are looking at their family and child rearing traditions.

Nunavut rules of kinship

Ordinarily in the world all over, the predominant method of kinship lies in the blood relationship that exists between people.  Though this has been extended to others in cases of legal adoption, but the predominant thing is that your kin are those that you have some blood relationship with. But this is not the same with the Inuit people.  Their kinship system extends to friends, associates and neighbors. They have a rule that turns your neighbors, associates and friends as your automatic relations. The Inuit families are also united through marriages. It is good to note that the Nunavut people still practice child betrothal, and when parents pledge their girl child to a future husband, the parents of the proposed or betrothed male becomes members of their family. This continues even when the marriage does not take place in the future.

The Nunavut people also draw kinship through partnerships, in such a way that when you have business partners, wrestling partners, hunting partners and so on, they automatically become your kin and family members.


On another angle, family bonds are created through namesakes. This is to say that when a new born child is named after a person that died recently, the child becomes part of the deceased’s family. At this, the child will automatically belong to two families, the original parent’s family and the family of the person he or she is named after.

Nunavut Family and Child Rearing Culture

Nunavut culture on child rearing

This is perhaps the culture that gave the western world its child freedom system. The original culture of the Nunavut Inuit people on child rearing is that of patience and gentleness. Right from time immemorial, their children were never slapped, scolded or beaten. The result of the love and affection is that you never meet unruly children in their land. They use gentle means to achieve proper behavior in children. The positive traits that children are made to develop come only through subtle pressure from the society, and not by force. While adults try to modify unreasonable request from kids, a child is never denied a request in Inuit. However, the major form of punishment here is the withdrawal of love and affection, and because the society is built on association and corporation between members, this is heavily felt whenever it happens.



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