‘I am not Bobrisky’s bae, he’s actually the one who gives me money’ – Pretty Mike


‘I am not Bobrisky’s bae, he’s actually the one who gives me money’ – Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike exudes controversy whenever his name is mentioned.

The luxury club owner, who exclusively spoke to TheNETng, reveals details about his relationship with Bobrisky, his style and personal life.

TheNETng: Critics say you do all that you do for attention, what’s your reaction to this?

Pretty Mike: If they say I’m seeking attention, that is fine. I’ve always been talked about even while I was in school, so I am used to criticism.

It is sad that people don’t know you before they form opinions about you.


TheNETng: But your name sounds feminine, where did you get the ‘pretty’ prefix from?

Pretty Mike: Well, it was given to me by members of my basketball team then, and it has stuck since then.

Pretty Mike was a synonym for someone who is ‘bad at what he does in a good way’ so my friends added pretty to my name.

TheNETng: You have been linked with Bobrisky, how did you meet him?

Pretty Mike: I met him some years ago, when he used to come to my club with his friends, he patronised me a lot and is my friend.

He is receiving lots of attention on social media and has managed to keep his ‘bae’ secret and by mentioning all that ‘bae’ has done for him.

Should I then say because of his uniqueness, I should betray him or deny him? I’m sure you have friends who you feel you should stand up for at any point in time.

TheNETng: So you have never been romantically involved with him?

Pretty Mike: No, I’m not gay, If you ask around, you will know I am a ladies’ man, I live my life not minding what people will think about me. I grew up with my sisters, so I’m used to ladies.

TheNETng: What of all the money you were said to have allegedly given him

Pretty Mike: (laughter) All those huge amounts of money, five million, seven million? I pray o.

He is the one who gives me money by patronising my club business.

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