Nollywood actor Wilson Joshua graduates as a Doctor


Nollywood actor Wilson Joshua graduates as a Doctor

Nollywood actor Wilson Joshua inducted/graduates as a medical doctor (Optometrist) from the prestigious IMO State University owerri.

According to facebook update the young actor is so happy and grateful to everyone who contributed in one way or the other towards making his long dream of becoming a doctor come true.

When asked in an exclusive interview what his next plans were, if he would practice or go into entertainment full time, his response was.

Wilson Joshua: asking me if I would prefer acting (Entertainment) to Practicing as a Doctor, or asking me to chose between Optometry and Nollywood (Acting) is like asking someone to chose between air and water which one he would prefer, which you know are two things he can’t live without.
Congratulations to you Dr Wilson Joshua we all wish you the best.


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