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Noise Pollution Can Be Contained In Nigeria Like Ebola – Fashola


Noise Pollution Can Be Contained In Nigeria Like Ebola – Fashola

Lagos State governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, yesterday appealed to
Lagosians to join hands with the state government in its bid to curtail
noise pollution , saying it is possible to contain noise pollution the
way the country contained the deadly ebola virus disease.
governor who said this at the Drivers’ Appreciation Day , an event
organised by the state Ministry of Transportation urged the residents to
refrain from activities capable of generating needless noise in the

Fashola said a noiseless society is possible, if only the
residents could cooperate with government in reducing noise pollution as
they did in the containment of ebola virus diseases.
According to him, if Lagos could contain ebola virus disease despite its fatality, noise pollution could also be contained.

governor said, “The whole world feared that we would not be able to
survive ebola but we stood up as a family from the primary health care
workers, the religious leaders, the obas, the chiefs, the local
government, the civil societies. We all decided to confront a threat
that has never happened in an urban centre before.

“Lagos is the
first test case. I remember what they were telling me from the Centre
for Diseases Control that there was no precedent for what was happening
in Lagos because that was the first time in 40 years that ebola would be
breaking out in an urban centre. Almost other experiences were in the
rural areas. But again, we learn, we worked together and we overcame
that. If we can do that, can we not then overcome noise pollution.

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3 Comments on "Noise Pollution Can Be Contained In Nigeria Like Ebola – Fashola"

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Victor Ndah

Like seriously i agree with the Lagos State governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, he has made a clear point and i like that. Thanks Mr. Governor.


that a nice suggestion, please they should try and do something about that


Governor Fashola u ar a very funny man what u ar suggesting is impossible here in nigeria nor to talk of Lagos State.


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