Nigerian female-to-male transgender and his wife, meet LLCoolJ and Magic Johnson


Nigerian female-to-male transgender and his wife, meet LLCoolJ and Magic Johnson

Two days ago, Dr Rizi Xavier Timane and his wife and Hollywood actress, Christina Ross, met with basketball and rap legends, Magic Johnson and LLCoolJ, at a fundraising event in L.A, and they shared lovely pictures taken at the event.


Dr Timane is a female-to-male transgender singer, actor and trans-specialist coach who advocates for transgender rights. He was born and raised in Nigeria. He realized at age 8 that he was a boy living in a girl’s body and approached his parents about this dilemma.

His parents, converts to fundamentalist Christianity, responded with attempted exorcisms and other reparative therapies that sought to “pray the trans away.”

This rejection and disapproval carried over to the community-at-large as well as peers at school making him the victim of bullying and harassment driving him to years of alcohol and drug abuse and suicidal ideation. .
After enduring many years of being told that God/Source was opposed to him being LGBT and undergoing numerous exorcisms to pray the trans away, Rizi embarked on a spiritual journey to discover where he really stood with God or Source.

After many years of studying religion, the Bible and attending seminary at the Claremont School of Theology, Rizi was delighted to realize that God/Source is accepting of all people, LGBT persons included. Thankfully, Rizi is now 10 years free from alcohol abuse and 12 years clean from using drugs.

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