Need to Look Good? —Be like Timaya


Need to look good? —Be like Timaya

Yes, one of the best selling points of every musician is always his or her sense of fashion, and we have had some musicians getting things right while other always gets it wrong. Now, one person had to ask me whether these people do not hire wardrobe assistants to help them dress well. My reply was that when a person is blessed with a good sense of fashion, he will always come out with something good whether there is a fashion assistant or not.

I have come across a photograph of the Marvin crew in their website where people commended all the people in the picture, but took out time to lambast Wande Coal for his poor sense of fashion, and the fact remains that up till now, he still has a poor one and will always appear on shows with something below par.

But there is one man in the music industry that has consistently shown that he is of great fashion sense. I have even started thinking that being a male model will cut it for him, if not for the fact that he is a bit closer to the ground than most brands will want.

Be like Timaya

The name Timaya is one I will always click on my Instagram page when I want to look up fashion combinations and statements. It used to be Noble Igwe the quintessential fashion blogger and model. But when I discovered that what noble does as a professional, Timaya does effortlessly. There has never been a day Timaya turned out on something not worth the runways, and I am taking out special time to commend him for the great fashion sense he has displayed in the recent years.

Be like Timaya 2


One more thing is, many people have been thinking that dressing well means having the fat bank accounts. As much as money is involved, I want to tell you that looking good which has always been and is still and will always be good business has not got much to do with money. It is something sometimes inborn and some other times learnt. If you don’t have it from birth like Wande, you can always learn it or allow others to do it for you. Just be like Timaya and you would be okay fashionically.

Be like Timaya 3

And, did it tell you that he has been moving around connecting with people like Rihanna and some other high profile musicians. Of course, there is always the confidence to walk up to the big wigs when you are stunningly dressed. Rihanna is also great when it comes to fashion. Meanwhile, he is in India at the moment, and he is also killing it with Indian styles whenever he steps into the streets. Just be like Timaya.

Have a look at how he kills it all the time……………

Be like Timaya 4

Be like Timaya 5

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Anthony Dugbo

Good observation! Timaya is a fashion icon.

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Like seriously he is…


Timaya is very good at the way of his outfit I mean dressing. He normally does what people or fans can copy or would like love to do.